GB News Gets A Launch Date, Coming To Freeview & Freesat

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GB News, the brand new British news channel that is set to air a mix of “news, opinion and debate”, finally has an official launch date – June 13 at 8pm (read ahead for how and where to watch it).

The channel is backed by American TV company Discovery (which is set to merge with Warner Media next year), and is chaired by former BBC presenter Andrew Neil, who will also be one of the prominent presenters on the channel.

The channel is positioned as an “alternative” to news services such as BBC News and Sky News, and is said to be ‘right leaning’, though not officially.

GB News logo

The channel will not focus on ‘rolling news’ and will instead bring 6,000 hours/year of opinion and debate alongside the news.

Some of the shows we can expect to see once GB News launches are:

Andrew Neil, the channel’s main evening show, hosted by Andrew Neil, with news and interviews. 

The Great British Breakfast, a morning news and talk show hosted by Nana Akua, Kirsty Gallacher, Rebecca Hutson, Inaya Folarin Iman, Darren McCaffrey and Rosie Wright.

Alastair Stewart And Friends, hosted by former ITV presenter Alastair Stewart who will present conversation and analysis of current affairs.

Free Speech Nation, hosted by Andrew Doyle and described as “a fearless filleting of the country’s thorniest debates”.

The first-ever programme on the new channel, on Sunday, June 13 at 8pm, will be the aptly named Welcome to GB News.

Where Can I Watch GB News?

GB News is a free channel, and will therefore be available to watch on most of the platforms in the UK.

Freeview (and YouView): on Channel 236, in Standard Definition (SD) only.

Freesat: on Channel 216, in High Definition (HD).

Sky: on Channel 515, in HD.

Virgin Media: on Channel 626, in HD.

The company has also said in the past that it plans to launch a streaming service, where at least some of the content will be available on-demand.

Freeview Play smartphone and tablet 800

As with every Freeview and Freesat channel, watching it requires either a Freeview Aerial (see our recommendations) and a Freeview Player/Recorder (see our recommendations), or a Freesat player/recorder with a dish on your roof.

Note that some Freeview devices would require a manual retune for the new channel to show up.

You can already do that now, since the channel is already up on Freeview, showing promotional videos.

Some devices do a retune automatically, but others require a manual retune. You can find more information on how to retune your device, on Freeview’s retuning help section.

4 thoughts on “GB News Gets A Launch Date, Coming To Freeview & Freesat”

  1. Oh I hope GB News is all they claim it will be. After decades of following Channel 4 news I gave up on their left wing anti Goverment broadcasting earlier this year (2021) and I feel so much better for it! I have almost given up on Sky News and BBC News recently as the whole British media seems obsessed with bashing the current Government (whichever colour) and certainly obsessed with Bad News, completely ignoring the positive side of any story. Who in their right mind wants to be bombarded with negatives and bad news!? I am so hoping that this new news channel can seek out the positive things happening each day and report on positive things that those holding the power do (Government). Of course we need to know about really bad stuff too… but really…the PM’s flat refurb 24 hours a day for 3/4 days?! Anyway, good luck to GB News… let’s hope it does indeed offer a balanced view of the world (positive and negative, but BALANCED).


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