Freeview February Updates: New Channels And A BBC Swap

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Freeview’s latest update, effective from February 21, introduces several changes for its viewers in the UK, such as the addition of two new channels – including one that will cater to those who love American talk shows and reality TV.

Furthermore, a news channel that was added to Freeview less than a year ago – is now leaving the platform, and two BBC channels are changing places.

The changes are already live, but as always, some viewers will need to retune their Freeview devices for the correct new channel names and numbers to fall into place.

Some devices do this retune automatically – see our recommended Freeview recorders here, but keep in mind that most Freeview recorders are currently out of stock.

New Freeview Play 2022 mockup

Freeview, which started its life back in 2002, is the United Kingdom’s terrestrial television platform. It provides free-to-air TV channels and radio stations (via a Freeview aerial – see the ones we recommend), including more than 80 standard and HD channels. You can watch it on any supported TV, or by using a set-top Freeview box.

To watch Freeview via broadband, you’ll need one of the new subscription-based devices like Sky Stream or Virgin Media Stream (though not all Freeview channels are available on these devices). Later in 2024, Freeview is set to launch its own broadband-based platform – “Freely”, but at launch, it will only be available on next-gen Smart TVs. 

See our full Freeview guide here.

New Freeview Channels

Two new Freeview channels are being added to the roster this week, and as we’ve seen back in the November update, these are also internet-based channels – meaning they can only be delivered via broadband, and will not reach your house via the aerial.

To watch these streaming-only Freeview channels, you need a modern Freeview device that supports the HbbTV standard – most modern Smart TVs with Freeview Play, and Freeview Play set-top boxes (like the Manhattan T3-R, Humax Aura and others) already support this standard.

humax aura lifestyle new interface
Humax Aura

Once your device is connected to broadband, you will be able to reach these IP-only Freeview channels like a normal channel through the electronic TV Guide.


France24 is a French state-owned international news television network based in Paris, broadcasting in English and several other languages (French, Arabic, and Spanish), and aimed at the overseas market.


The channel’s mission is to offer a global public service and maintain a common editorial stance, with a focus on providing a French perspective on global events.

France24 provides live streaming world news which can be viewed via its website, YouTube, and various mobile devices and digital media players.

From today, France24 is available on streaming Freeview Channel 266.


First launched in 2017, Nosey is the ultimate destination for lovers of reality TV, trashy talkshows, and those who missed the late Jerry Springer.

Nosey channel

With more than 5,000 episodes of the “most successful” talk, court, and reality shows in American TV history (plus Nosey Originals), Nosey brings endless hours of family drama, betrayals, and surprises right to your living room.

Nosey has already been available in the UK on some free platforms – including as a Plex channel.

From today, Nosey is available on streaming Freeview Channel 292.

Freeview Channel Changes

Two BBC channels have changed places on the EPG.

  • CBBC HD moved from Freeview Channel 204 to Freeview Channel 203
  • CBeebies HD moved from Freeview Channel 205 to Freeview Channel 204

Freeview Channel Closures

WION News, an Indian international news channel which launched on Freeview just one year ago, has now left the service.

WION News logo

WION News was available on Freeview Channel 269.

The channel is still available to watch via its website, and an app on several streaming devices.

Freeview Changes in Wales

There are two changes that will only affect Freeview viewers in Wales:

Together TV, on Freeview Channel 83, is being removed (however, viewers with broadband-connected Freeview devices will be able to watch Together TV on Channel 285).

Together TV

Great! Action, a channel dedicated to classic action movies, is launching on Freeview Channel 42.

The channel is already available in other Freeview regions – although the Great! channels were just removed from Freesat last week.

Retune Your Freeview Device

As always, when Freeview changes take place, some people need to retune their Freeview devices – otherwise, channel numbers and names won’t be correct, and new channels won’t show up.

Freeview scanning for channels

Some devices do a retune automatically, but others might require a manual retune for this week’s changes to update correctly.

You can find more information on how to retune your device, on Freeview’s retuning help section.

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  1. Theirs another new channel on Freeview, it’s a syreamed channel.
    Currently it’s a loop of ‘coming soon’ promos.

    MBC (aka My Binge Channel), seems to be aimed at documentaries, content shown seems to be from Prime & Tubi.

    Channel: 272


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