Freeview Gets 3 New Channels, While 3 Others Shut Down

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Three new channels (including one that is dedicated to pets!) are launching on Freeview today, while three others are being shut down and removed from the service.

Among the new additions to Freeview (see full details below) is a channel dedicated to funny animals, and – the triumphant return to Freeview of Together TV, a channel dedicated to “inspiring people to better their lives”.

These changes have taken place on October 26, 2022, and as always, some viewers will need to retune their Freeview devices in order to keep the Electronic Programmes Guide up to date (though some devices do this retune automatically – see our recommended Freeview recorders here).

The three music channels that are shutting down have only been available in Manchester in recent months, which is bad news for those living in the area.

New Freeview Play 2022 mockup

Freeview changes, closures and new channels that are being added are common occurrences, though we’ve seen quite a few changes in recent months, including the major shakeup in June, when nine Freeview channels were shut down.

Last week, six BBC HD channels changed places – but only on newer Freeview Play devices.

Freeview, which started its life back in 2002, is the United Kingdom’s terrestrial television platform. It provides free-to-air TV channels and radio stations (via a Freeview aerial – see the ones we recommend), including more than 80 standard and HD channels. You can watch it on any supported TV, or by using a set-top Freeview box.

To watch Freeview via broadband, you’ll need one of the new subscription-based devices like Sky Stream or Virgin Media Stream (though not all Freeview channels are available on these devices).

See our full Freeview guide here.

New Freeview Channel: Reality Xtra 2 

Back in June, there were several changes to the CBS channels on Freeview (and Freesat). CBS Drama transformed into Reality Xtra (Channel 68), with scripted and unscripted shows, such as Judge Judy, Unsolved Mysteries, Matlock and more.

Judge Judy
Judge Judy (Photo: CBS)

Reality Xtra was a sister channel to the CBS Reality channel (67) – and now, the sister channel is getting its very own sister channel – Reality Xtra 2.

Reality Xtra 2 is now available on Freeview Channel 69.

November 1 Update: We contacted the channel’s operators and were told that Reality Xtra 2 is, currently, a holding channel, with its main function being to save the channel’s spot for future content products.

Therefore, for now – the channel is there, but has no programming at all.

Returning Freeview Channel: Together TV

Together TV is a “feel-good” channel dedicated to inspiring people to better their lives and communities, with shows like Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens, Nigella Lawson’s The Cook That Made Me, Homes Under the Hammer and more.

Together TV is owned by over 200 individual shareholders with a wider group of donors and backers including Sky, Big Lottery Fund, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Channel 4, ITV, BBC, UnLtd and Social Investment Business.

However, the channel’s place and availability on Freeview keep changing (it changed places back in June), and in recent months Freeview viewers were unable to watch it via an aerial.

Today, the channel is returning to full broadcasting on Freeview Channel 83.

Furthermore, a Together TV +1 version of the channel has now been added to Freeview Channel 92.

New Connected Freeview Channel: Pet Collective

The Pet Collective is a channel dedicated to memes, funny animal clips and entertainment – all featuring our furry friends.

The Pet Collective channel logo
The Pet Collective

The channel is a streaming-only channel. Some Freeview channels, like Channel Box, Ketchup TV and more, are Freeview IP channels – meaning they can only be delivered via broadband, and do not reach your house via the aerial.

To watch these streaming Freeview channels, you need a modern Freeview device that supports the HbbTV standard – most modern Smart TVs with Freeview Play, and Freeview Play set-top boxes (like the Manhattan T3-RHumax Aura and others) already support this standard.

Manhattan T3-R
Manhattan T3-R Freeview Recorder

Once you make sure your device is connected to the internet, you will be able to reach these IP-only Freeview channels like a normal channel through the TV Guide.

Pet Collective is now available on internet-connected devices, on Freeview Channel 278.

Freeview Channel Closures

The ongoing saga of the NOW music channels continues – these 24/7 channels, dedicated to music videos and non-stop hits, keep changing numbers and availability, with channels and decades changing places, starting up or shutting down.

Now 90s

Today, three Freeview music channels, that were only available in the Manchester area in recent months, are being shut down:

  • Now 80’s (Freeview Channel 77)
  • Now 90’s (Freeview Channel 80)
  • Clubland TV (Freeview Channel 87)

Retune Your Freeview Device

Whenever Freeview changes take place, some people need to retune their Freeview devices – otherwise, channel numbers won’t be correct, and new channels won’t show up.

Some devices do a retune automatically, but others might require a manual retune.

You can find more information on how to retune your device, on Freeview’s retuning help section.

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