Freeview / Freesat Changes: CBS Channels Getting Big Revamp

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Another big change is coming to all TV platforms next week, as three long-running channels are set to change, with one of them going away completely – CBS Justice, CBS Drama and The Horror Channel.

The CBS channels, which are currently operated in the UK by AMC Networks International and Paramount, are available on Freeview, Freesat,  YouView, Sky and Virgin Media. 

The channels are also available to stream on the Freeview Play platform, as well as via the CBS Catchup Channels app on smartphones.

While an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, we can confirm the upcoming changes, which will include name and programming changes, along with the full removal of the CBS Justice channel.

The fourth CBS channel, CBS Reality, is not expected to change at this point.

The overhaul is set to take place on June 30, around the time a major Freeview revamp is taking place, with several channels changing places, and some being shut down completely.

These changes are also coming shortly after the UK launch of Paramount+, and with Paramount supplying some of the content – which will now be moving to the new streaming service – the two may be related.

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Photo: Freeview

CBS Channels: What’s Changing?

Some of the CBS channels have been around in their current form since 2009, with some running – under different names – even further back.

Earlier this year, the Horror Channel And CBS Justice switched places on the Freeview EPG, perhaps in preparation for the upcoming changes.

At this point, new channel numbers on all the platforms haven’t been confirmed yet, but the upcoming revamp will include:

Horror Channel Is Changing To Legend

The Horror Channel (currently on Freeview Channel 41, Freesat channel 138, Sky Channel 317 and Virgin Media channel 149) will rebrand to Legend. 

Legend Channel logo

For a while now, and despite its name, The Horror Channel hasn’t been just about scary content – it also features science fiction and fantasy shows like Star Trek: The Original Series, The 4400 and more. 

Therefore the rebrand into Legend will make the existing programming official, with the channel continuing to air a selection of sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, action and classic horror content.

CBS Justice Is Shutting Down

CBS Justice (Currently on Freeview Channel 69, Freesat 137, Sky 148 and Virgin Media 192) will be going away for good on June 30.

The channel (which used to be called CBS Action) is dedicated to crime and courtroom dramas, including CSI: Miami, JAG, Perry Mason and more (with some of its shows also airing on sister channel CBS Drama).

It’s possible some of the current shows on CBS Justice will move over to the new Legend channel.

CBS Drama Changing To RealityXtra

The CBS Drama channel (Currently on Freeview Channel 68, Freesat 134, Sky 147 and Virgin Media 197) is changing its name and some of its programming.

At the moment, CBS Drama is a mishmash of scripted and unscripted shows, such as Judge Judy, Unsolved Mysteries, Matlock and more.

Judge Judy
Judge Judy (Photo: CBS)

On June 30, CBS Drama will transform into RealityXtra, which will be an extension of sister channel CBS Reality, airing a mixture of legal dramas and true-crime programming (which, honestly, sounds a lot like what CBS Drama is today).

New Channel: HorrorXtra

With the original Horror Channel changing into Legend, a NEW horror channel will be added to all the platforms, with classic horror and sci-fi programming (which sounds a lot like what Legend will be carrying, but we’ll have to wait to see the actual programming).

For the time being, HorrorXtra is only available on Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.

CBS Reality Staying The Same

And lastly, CBS Reality (Currently on Freeview Channel 67, Freesat 135, Sky 147 and Virgin Media 148) will not be changing its name or programming at this point.

CBS Reality logo

It still might change its channel number on Freeview, as part of the upcoming EPG changes – but we’ll only know that in a few days, when Freeview’s full announcement arrives.

More Freeview Changes Coming

While the CBS channel changes will affect all the TV platforms, more Freeview changes are expected at the end of June.

The changes are due to the closure of a Freeview Multiplex (COM7) that is set to happen on June 30.

Years ago, every TV channel was broadcast on a single frequency. Thanks to digital TV, several channels can be grouped into a single frequency, and that group is then known as a multiplex.

Next week, a multiplex known as COM7 will close, after EE bought the rights to use its frequency for 5G mobile signals (the frequency was auctioned off by Ofcom last year).

Several Freeview channels that are currently using COM7 are expected to move, change or shut down completely on June 29 and June 30 – see the full list of changes.

BBC News on TV screen 1200

At this point, we already know that BBC News HD is shutting down on Freeview, Channel 4 is launching a new channel, E4 Extra, but at the same time will be removing 4Music from Freeview, and Forces TV channel is also shutting down (on all platforms).

Retune Your Freeview Device

As always, once all these changes take place, you may need to retune your Freeview device, or else the channel numbers and names won’t be correct.

Some Freeview boxes (see the ones we recommend) do this retune automatically, while others may require a manual retune.

You can find more information on how to retune your device, in Freeview’s retuning help section.

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7 thoughts on “Freeview / Freesat Changes: CBS Channels Getting Big Revamp”

  1. WTH absolutely GUTTED as cBS Justice is my FAVOURITE channel watch every night without fail up untill channel shuts as im up most of the night .
    Now naff all to watch so going thru DVDs and Netflix and Disney . Regular freeview is a waste of my time everything constantly repeated ! ? !
    Not Happy !!

  2. I only ever watched CBS Justice on my tv it had all the programs i enjoyed, Where will i be able too get JAG, CSI, NCIS and other programs now ……… Is it even worth renewing my TV License now as there nothing i want too watch on

    • You can see Jag on RealityXtra along with Matlock and Scorpion which also used to be on CBS Justice. For NCIS I’m watching 5USA for some back to back old episodes.

  3. Really missing CBS Justice. Used to watch all my favourite American dramas throughout the night, now have nothing like them to watch when I cannot sleep. Where can I find these programs now?

  4. Will HorrorXtra be available in the future on Freeview. I see it is on Sky and Virgin media platforms but not on Freeview having done a retune.

  5. Two days ago, my LG 43” smart TV… bought in 2018 with built-in Freeview, totally lost all signal via my newish digital aerials … I have one in my loft, which is in line-of-sight to the Sandy Heath transmitter, & a modern flat wall mounted digital aerial…. both of which have always worked perfectly, independently, or when connected to a signal amplifier using a Y junction coax. splitter.

    Even when trying every possible combination… + a different signal amplifier… & dozens of auto + manual re-tune attempts, all result in zero signal or channels… even radio stations!
    The only way my TV now works is via streaming, catchup, Amazon Prime etc. by braodband!
    Please help!!


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