Freesat And Sky Shakeup: Which Channels Are Changing?

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Several Freesat and Sky channels are either changing places or being added this week, to make room for the returning linear version of BBC Three.

The new channel will premiere on February 1, 2022 – but the electronic programme guide changes are already taking place this week, shortly after an even bigger channel swap happened on Freeview.

Unlike Freeview devices, most Freesat (as well as Sky and Virgin Media) viewers won’t need to manually do anything, and the channel numbers will change automatically.

If they don’t, Freesat advises doing a Freesat Channel Scan.

On Freesat, BBC Three will air on Channel 107 (SD/HD) and Channel 179 (SD Only version) – see the full list of changes, including for Sky and Virgin Media, below.

Freesat 4K TV Boxes
Freesat 4K TV Boxes

Freesat was established in 2007 by the BBC and ITV. It offers more than 200 free-to-air TV channels and radio stations, all transmitted via digital satellite.

Last year, a big shakeup was announced, when Freesat and Freeview came under the roof of a single company, Digital UK, which is owned jointly by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

To watch Freesat, you need a dish outside your house and a Freesat receiver (see our recommended Freesat boxes here), which is why it sometimes works better in areas where Freeview reception is lacking.

BBC Three’s Linear Return

BBC Three started its life as a linear TV channel back in 2003. In 2016, it turned into a streaming-only channel (available on BBC iPlayer), and on February 1 – following Ofcom’s approval – it’s returning once again to linear TV. 

BBC Three logo

The channel will broadcast daily from 7 pm, targeting viewers aged 16-34 who – according to the BBC – don’t typically watch TV online.

Some of the new content coming to BBC Three includes RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus The World, Series 2 of the critically-acclaimed international hit romcom Starstruck, live football, and – later in the year Season 4 of Killing Eve.

Killing Eve season 2 sandra oh
Killing Eve (Photo: BBC)

As before BBC Three will continue to be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, alongside the “live” schedule.

Freesat Channel Changes – The Full List

As mentioned, BBC Three will air on Freesat Channel 107. You will get the HD version if your Freesat box supports it, otherwise the SD version will automatically show on 107.

The SD version will also be available separately on Freesat Channel 179.

Watching Freesat living room 1200
Photo: Freesat

To make room for BBC three, several other Freesat channels will have to move (as Channel 107 used to belong to BBC Four), with the changes starting to roll out on January 27.

Here’s the full list of changes:

Channel Name

Old Channel No.   

New Channel No.

BBC Three HD  N/A 107
BBC Three N/A 107/179
BBC Four HD 107 108
BBC Four SD 107 108
BBC Scotland HD 108 110
BBC Scotland 108 110
BBC Two (England HD and G2 only)   110 180
BBC One Scotland 110 180
BBC One Wales 110 180
BBC One NI 110 180

BBC Three on Sky

On Sky TV, the list of changes isn’t as big – but BBC Three gets several different channel numbers, depending on your location and device.

The changes will start to roll out on January 27. The HD / SD versions are swapped automatically, depending on what your device supports.

BBC Three HD / SD on Sky Q / Sky+ –

England (except London), Wales, Northern Ireland – Sky Channel 117

London: Sky Channel 173

Scotland: Sky Channel 141

SD / HD Alternative Channel – Sky Channel 845

Sky Glass TV Guide

BBC Three HD on Sky Glass

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland: Sky Channel 118

Wales: Sky Channel 119

BBC Three on Other Platforms

Virgin Media, BBC Three HD:

England and NI: Channel 107 

Wales and Scotland – Channel 157


BBC Three SD Version: Channel 23

BBC Three HD Version: Channel 109

For Freeview, see our big Freeview Reshuffle list.

5 thoughts on “Freesat And Sky Shakeup: Which Channels Are Changing?”

  1. It’s a total cock up, why change the channel numbers when, if you are as clever as you perceive, then you are incapable of reproducing something that thousands of people who are not necessarily IT competent will be horribly disappointed that you have, yes you have, taken away their favourite programs with neither their consent or simple alternative abilities to overcome your shabby personal impositions purely based on saving money at the most unfortunate viewers cost who are unable to keep up with your swapping and changing.
    Just keep the channel numbers as people wish to tune into, and do whatever you want to do, we couldn’t care less, but don’t mess us about please, it stinks of immature management and proposed indirection of your well respected organisation.

    • It’s automatic and depends on your Freesat box. If it supports HD, you get the HD version of the channel. If it doesn’t, you get the SD version of the channel.


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