Fans Angry As Freeview’s ‘That’s TV 2’ Drops Classic Show

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Just two weeks post-launch, the new Freeview / Freesat channel “That’s TV 2” has made a surprising programming pivot, disappointing many fans.

The channel, which initially grabbed attention with the promise of broadcasting classic shows like Home and Away (in time for the show’s 35th anniversary), has abruptly stopped airing the iconic Australian soap.

As expected, many fans of the show have taken to social media to voice their disappointment, as they were already enjoying early episodes on the show.

However, we don’t have any good news to offer – as That’s TV confirmed to us that there are now no plans to air additional episodes (see their full explanation below).

Home and Away with logo
Home and Away (Photo: Channel 5)

This abrupt change in programming has left viewers questioning the channel’s commitment to its nostalgic lineup, so soon after the channel’s big launch, as some of the other promised shows were also quick to disappear (Baywatch is still on, though).

The Birth Of That’s TV 2

When “That’s TV 2” launched earlier this month, it was positioned as a nostalgic haven for lovers of classic television.

It emerged as a sister channel to “That’s TV,” broadening the scope of nostalgic content available to UK viewers.

Since its inception as That’s TV Gold in 2021, the main channel has offered a range of content from musical documentaries and entertainment specials.

In recent years, That’s TV has made strides in bringing classic shows back to linear TV. For instance, the recent return of Little Britain to linear TV after 20 years.

That’s TV 2 promised to bring back a selection of iconic shows, including Home and Away. the sci-fi drama Humans and the American action-and-bikinis series Baywatch.


The excitement around its launch was palpable, with many outlets (including Cord Busters) reporting about the channel’s aim to blend entertainment with a trip down memory lane.

Adding to the widespread anticipation is the fact that “That’s TV 2” is accessible to a wide UK audience, since it’s broadcasting free-to-air on Freeview channel 65, Freesat channel 181, and Sky channel 188.

The Quick Rise and Fall of “Home and Away”

Home and Away has been a staple of television since its inception in 1988 – both in Australia and the UK.

The series, set in the fictional seaside town of Summer Bay in New South Wales, primarily revolves around the residents’ lives, loves, and challenges.

It initially focused on the Fletcher family and their foster children, tackling storylines like teen pregnancy, addiction, and other adult themes.

With the launch of That’s TV 2, fans were eagerly anticipating a nostalgic return to these early story arcs, expecting to revisit the beginnings of iconic plotlines and characters like Tom and Pippa.

The channel’s initial announcement hinted at a deep dive into the show’s rich history, leading viewers to expect a comprehensive airing of the early seasons.

However, this anticipation turned to disappointment when the channel abruptly ceased airing Home and Away, around January 11, after just a few episodes from the first season had aired.

This sudden change sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, where viewers expressed frustration and anger, questioning the channel’s commitment to its nostalgic offerings and criticizing the unexpected programming shift.

We reached out to That’s TV regarding the show’s disappearance from the schedule, and a spokesperson for the channel confirmed the sad news, saying that That’s TV planned to show a number of early Home and Away episodes, and those recently aired.

As of now, there are no plans for further episodes to be broadcast.

Where Can I Watch Home And Away?

Originally, Home and Away ran on ITV1 for 11 years before it was announced that Channel 5 had acquired the rights to broadcast it in 2000, where new episodes have been airing ever since.

My5 on Sky Glass and stream home and away
Home and Away on My5

Therefore, new episodes are available on Channel 5, and on its streaming service, My5.

However, if you still want to watch the older episodes (which are no longer available on That’s TV 2) – the first two seasons are available on Amazon’s Prime Video, where subscribers can watch them at no extra cost.

The New That’s TV 2 Schedule

Other than the short stint of Home and Away, viewers anticipated regular broadcasts of sci-fi hit Humans, and cult Australian prison drama Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Humans TV show

However, Humans has since disappeared from the schedule (it’s a short series, after all), and Prisoner: Cell Block H is now relegated to a less accessible late-night slot at 11:30 pm.

In place of these classics, That’s TV 2 has increasingly focused on airing music videos for the majority of its daily schedule.

This is complemented by a selection of other programs like the quiz show Blankety Blank, Little Britain (which is also available on That’s TV 1), League of Gentlemen, and Baywatch.

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7 thoughts on “Fans Angry As Freeview’s ‘That’s TV 2’ Drops Classic Show”

  1. Disappointed prisoner cell block h is no longer on loved it first time it was on 30 odd years ago just settled down to watch it on comes HARRY (NOT VERY FUNNY)!ENFIELD .PUT IT BACK ON PLEASE!!

  2. ‘Devastated’ staying awake waiting for Prisoner Cell Block H and with no warning the show has been binned !!!
    That’s TV 2 the way to loose viewers.

  3. If a channel DROPS a show completely, or, temporarily for say other scheduling for Easter, Half-Term, etc. but plans a return afterwards – it is MADNESS that an announcement is not made immediately after the credits of the last episode shown, so we know. Is this not the 21st Century. What is going on?! Who is in charge? Prisoner Cell Block H is luckily on YouTube from where we left off…

  4. Why did you stop showing Prisoner Cell Block H after only S1 E79? I enjoy watching this programme and was looking forward to seeing Joan Fergus on again. Please continue where you left off.


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