Disney+ Offers Rare Subscription Discount: Is It Any Good?

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Disney+ has just announced a limited-time (and somewhat rare) promotional offer for new and eligible returning subscribers in the UK.

As part of this offer, new (and returning) subscribers will be able to sign up for the streaming service for just £1.99/month – for up to three months.

However, while this promotional rate is undoubtedly appealing, it arrives on the cusp of significant changes to Disney+’s subscription plans, slated for November.

These upcoming shifts introduce new tiers with varying features and costs, adding complexity to what might seem like a straightforward decision. So, before you jump on this seemingly tempting offer, there are factors worth considering.

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How does this short-term deal compare to locking in an annual subscription, especially with rate changes on the horizon?

And while the content library is expansive, covering everything from Disney classics to the mature-audience targeted Star category, what are the long-term implications of choosing one plan over another? Plus, there’s an auto-renewal clause that could catch you off guard.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Disney+ deal, and whether it’s the right fit for you, considering the upcoming Disney+ revamp.

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Disney Plus (Photo: Deposit Photos / tbtb)

Disney+ (see our review) launched in the UK in 2020, and can now be streamed on most streaming devices and Smart TVs. In the UK, Disney+ includes content from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star.

It’s worth noting that Star, which is Disney’s general entertainment category for more mature audiences, doesn’t exist on the US version of Disney+.

This means UK subscribers are getting more content than their US counterparts (who currently get most of the more ‘mature’ content on the Hulu streaming service, which carries an additional subscription cost – but will soon be combined into a single app with Disney+).

In the UK, Disney+ normally costs £7.99/month or £79.90/year –and you can subscribe directly via this link.

When Disney+ first launched in the UK, its cost was just £5.99/month (or £59.99/year), but it was raised along with the launch of Star, in 2021.

However, as we recently reported – big changes are coming to Disney+ in the UK – including a potential price rise – and a new cheaper tier that includes adverts.

Upcoming Disney+ Changes In November

Disney+ is set to undergo a major revamp in its UK subscription plans starting November 1. The new structure will introduce three distinct tiers:

Standard With Ads: Priced at £4.99/month, this plan offers Full HD 1080p video quality, two concurrent streams, and 5.1 and Stereo audio but won’t support downloads.

Standard: For £7.99/month or £79.90 annually, subscribers get Full HD 1080p video, two concurrent streams, 5.1 and Stereo audio, and the added benefit of downloads.

Premium: At £10.99/month or £109.90 annually, this tier offers up to 4K UHD & HDR video quality, four concurrent streams, Dolby Atmos audio, and download capability.

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(Photo: Deposit Photos – Daniel Constante)

Existing subscribers will continue with their current plan, soon to be renamed “Disney+ Premium”, but will have the option to switch to the new Standard tiers.

However, a crucial point to note is that existing subscribers will only keep their current pricing until December 6. After that date, they will be billed the new price starting from their next billing cycle (whether they’re on a monthly or annual plan).

The Limited-Time Disney+ £1.99 Offer

Starting today, September 6, and running through to September 20, new and returning customers in the UK can subscribe to Disney+ for just£1.99 per month for up to three months.

DisneyPlus 199 deal
The Disney+ 1.99 Deal

This represents an £18 saving compared to the regular monthly price of £7.99 for three months.

The offer is available to new and eligible returning subscribers who are 18 years and older (this means you can’t take this up if you currently have an active subscription – either annual or monthly).

It’s important to note that once the three months are up – the subscription will auto-renew at the new monthly Premium price of £10.99/month until cancelled.

During these three months, subscribers will have access to a plethora of content from The Walt Disney Company, including the latest Star Wars series Ahsoka, the live-action reimagining of The Little Mermaid, award-winning comedy-drama FX’s The Bear Season 2, and crime caper Only Murders in the Building Season 3.

Only Murders In The Building
Only Murders In The Building (Photo: Disney+)

The promotion also aligns with new premieres from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more, such as FX’s Welcome To Wrexham S2 (September 13) and The Kardashians Season 4 (September 28).

How Does The New Disney+ Deal Compare?

At first glance, the limited-time offer of £1.99/month for three months seems like an irresistible deal. It’s a significant markdown from the regular monthly price of £7.99, offering an £18 saving over the three-month period.

However, when we dig a little deeper and consider the upcoming changes to Disney+’s subscription plans, the picture becomes more nuanced.

The Annual Subscription: A Better Long-Term Investment?

Currently, Disney+ offers an annual subscription at £79.90, which works out to approximately £6.66 per month.

If you opt for this annual plan before the pricing changes take effect in November, you’re essentially locking in this rate for the next year.

This is particularly noteworthy because, come December 6, the cost of the Premium tier (which is essentially the current offering) will rise to £10.99 per month or £109.90 annually.

Now, let’s do some quick maths. If you take advantage of the £1.99/month offer for three months, you’ll spend £5.97. After that, if you continue with the Premium tier at £10.99/month for the remaining nine months, you’ll spend £98.91, making the total annual cost £104.88.

On the other hand, if you lock in the current annual rate of £79.90, you’ll not only save nearly £25 over the year compared to the promotional route but also secure an ad-free, premium experience without the hassle of monthly renewals.

Disney Plus app on smartphone 1200

Of course, this means you have to sign up for a full year of Disney+, and the whole point of TV cord cutting is to give you more flexibility – but if you’re positive you’ll stay a Disney+ subscriber for 12 months anyway – then you might as well lock the cheaper price for a year.

The Catch with the Promotional Offer

The £1.99 promotional offer might seem like a low-commitment way to test the Disney+ waters, but it comes with its own set of caveats.

Firstly, the offer auto-renews at the Premium rate of £10.99/month after the three-month period, which could catch subscribers off guard if they’re not vigilant about cancelling or downgrading their plan.

Secondly, this promotional rate doesn’t extend to the annual subscription, meaning you can’t stack it with an annual plan to extend the savings.

Weigh Your Options Carefully

While the £1.99/month promotional offer is tempting and provides a low-cost entry point to Disney+’s extensive content library, it may not be the most cost-effective choice in the long run, especially for those who value an ad-free, premium experience.

The annual subscription, if locked in before the November changes, offers a better long-term value, both in terms of cost and features.

Therefore, if you’re considering becoming a Disney+ subscriber, it’s crucial to weigh these options carefully and consider what you value most in your streaming experience.

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