How To Get Cheap Disney+ Deals And Offers In 2022

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Disney Plus, the major streaming service from Disney, has been around for more than two years now – and if you’re looking for deals that will let you pay less for it, or even get it for free in the UK, you’re not alone.

Disney+ (see our full review) can be streamed on most streaming devices and Smart TVs sold in the UK, and includes content from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star – which is Disney’s general entertainment category for more mature audiences.

With such a long list of new and classic films, along with hit TV shows (like The Walking Dead) and brand new highly talked about series like The Mandalorian, Wandavision, Moon Knight and more – there’s no wonder Disney+ is such a major success around the world.

In the UK, Disney+ normally costs £7.99/month or £79.90/yearBut there are some deals that will help you reduce that price with discounts – and even a few free offers.

DisneyPlus with Star wandavision

Is There A Disney+ Free Trial?

Unfortunately, no.

When Disney+ first launched in the UK, on March 24, 2020, it did offer a 7-days free trial, but that offer has been removed a few months after the launch.

But here are some tips and tricks you can still use today…

1. Get Two Free Months With Disney+ Annual Pass

If you pay month-by-month, Disney+ costs £7.99/month, and you can cancel at any point.

If you’re willing to pay for a full year in advance – the cost is £79.90 per year (instead of £95.88), so you’re basically getting two free months. 

The Small Print: While this is a good discount if you’re all-in on Disney+, remember that you will lose the flexibility of cancelling whenever you wish, as you’re paying for a full year (and can only cancel once the 12 months are up). 

Where To Get It: On the official Disney+ Site

2. Get £10 As Cashback On Disney+

If you’re a new Disney+ subscriber, you can get money back by buying an annual subscription, via Topcashback, the popular cashback site.

The rates change occasionally, but as of this writing, you can get £10 back (but only on the annual subscription, not the monthly one).

The Small Print: The cashback is only for new Disney+ subscribers. You won’t get it for re-subscribing.

Where To Get ItSign Up via this Topcashback offer link.

3. Get 3 Months Of Disney+ For £8, With Tesco Clubcard

If you have Tesco Clubcard vouchers (which you get when you buy Tesco groceries), you can usually convert every £8 to 3 months of Disney+ (so at £23.97, that’s triple the value).

You can’t stack these up – but once your months are up, you can convert £8 again, to get additional 3 months (just make sure you don’t let it renew with a paid subscription). 

The Small Print: You need to use the voucher codes by August 10, 2023. The offer is good for both new AND returning customers – but if you’re an active customer, you have to CANCEL your paid subscription, and add the 3 months once it’s over (and the same goes for the annual one).

Where To Get It: Tesco Clubcard Offer Page

4. Up To 12 Free Disney+ Months With Samsung Galaxy

Customers who buy a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone (but only certain models apply, such as the Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S22 and others), can get 3 months, 6 months or 12 months of Disney+ for free, depending on the model you buy.

This is for both new and returning Disney+ customers – but you can’t be an “active” customer (so you have to cancel your existing subscription first).

To check whether your device is eligible, you can scan a QR code on Samsung’s offer page.

The Small Print: This only works with newer Galaxy models. And, once your free months are over, the subscription will auto-renew as a paid subscription, so remember to cancel before that happens if you don’t want to continue.

Where To Get It: Samsung’s Disney+ Offer

DisneyPlus on smartphone and computer 800
Disney+ (Photo: Deposit Photos / TBTB)

5. Up To 6 Free Months With O2

New O2 customers, or existing customers who are upgrading their plan, can get up to 6 free months of Disney+.

The Small Print: This only works with certain O2 plans, and not all of them – and you get one, three or six free Disney+ months depending on the plan you choose. So whether this is a good deal depends on whether you can find a suitable O2 mobile plan for your needs – one which also includes their Extra Disney+ offer.

Where To Get It: O2’s Disney+ Extra Page

6. £2 Disney+ Monthly Discount With O2

If you’re an existing O2 subscriber (without an upgrade coming up), or if you sign up to one of their plans that don’t include the free Disney+ months, you can still get a £2 credit for Disney+ every month.

This is done by signing up to Disney+ via O2 – you then pay the regular £7.99/month price, but you also get a monthly £2 airtime credit from O2, for as long as you remain a customer of both.

The Small Print: If you already have an existing Disney+ subscription, you’ll have to transfer it over to the O2-based one, if you want the discount (and so you don’t get double-billed). 

Where To Get It: O2’s Disney+ Extra Page

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