Holiday Channel ‘That’s Christmas’ Hits Freeview / Freesat

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The festive season is upon us and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with another dedicated Christmas channel?

This week, ‘That’s Christmas’ is set to make its cheerful debut on Freeview, Freesat and Sky, temporarily replacing the ‘That’s 70s’ and ‘That’s 60s’ channels on some of these platforms.

This isn’t the first time a Christmas-themed channel from “That’s TV” has graced our screens during the holiday period – as this is now a festive tradition.

This year, the festive channel – which is the Christmas-themed sister channel to That’s TV, is launching this Wednesday – October 18.

Santa Claus christmas tv

That’s Christmas will take over the main ‘That’s 60s’ feed on Freeview and Freesat (see full details below), and the ‘That’s 70s’ channel on Sky.

That’s Christmas promises to bring all the magic of Christmas to life with an array of Christmas movies, music and more.

With ‘That’s TV’ normally being a channel dedicated to nostalgia and entertainment – its Christmas-themed channel also tends to press the retro buttons.

In previous years, That’s Christmas brought with it The Benny Hill show, Kenny Everett’s New Year Specials, Mike Yarwood’s Christmas Specials, festive musical specials and more.

Mike Yarwood
Mike Yarwood (Photo: That’s TV)

The arrival of ‘That’s Christmas’ isn’t just a one-off; it mirrors a broader trend within the broadcasting landscape where channels adapt their programming or introduce new channels to celebrate the festive season.

Back in September, Sky was one of the early birds, launching its Christmas 24 films channel.

In the upcoming months, we’re likely to see more channels putting on the festive cheer. 

Christmas Santa Clause on TV

The launch of ‘That’s Christmas’ brings with it a small reshuffle of some of That’s TV’s other services, which will see a few channel changes.

And, as always – this will require a retune on Freeview (unless your Freeview device does this automatically).

That’s TV Channel Changes

With the advent of ‘That’s Christmas’, a few shifts in channel numbers across different platforms are bound to happen – and, as usual, it’ll be especially confusing for Freeview viewers.

Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming changes, starting on October 18:

That’s Christmas On Freeview:

‘That’s Christmas’ will occupy Channel 65 UK-wide and Channel 76 in Greater Manchester.

‘That’s 60s’ will shift to Freeview Channel 71 UK-wide and Freeview Channel 77 in Greater Manchester (taking the place of That’s 70s).

‘That’s 80s’ can be found on Freeview Channel 80, only in Greater Manchester.

‘That’s 90s’ will be on Freeview Channel 75 UK-wide and Freeview Channel 86 in Greater Manchester.

Moreover, on Freeview, the ‘That’s Christmas’ channel won’t be available round the clock through an aerial. During specific times of the day, only viewers with internet-connected Freeview boxes will be able to access the channel.

That’s Christmas On Sky:

On Sky, the new That’s Christmas channel will only be available on Sky’s satellite-based devices (such as Sky Q). It will not be available on Sky’s broadband-based devices – Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

So, on Sky Q and older boxes:

That’s Christmas will be featured on Sky Channel 188 (in place of That’s 70s, and moving from Channel 366).

That’s 80s moves from Sky Channel 367 to Channel 366 (only available in the UK)

That’s 90s moves from Sky Channel 368 to Channel 367 (only available in the UK)

That’s Christmas On Freesat:

That’s Christmas will be on Freesat Channel 181.

That’s 60s will be on Freesat Channel 178.

On Virgin Media, even though “That’s TV” and “That’s 60’s” are available – That’s Christmas will not be available this year (though you can still get it if you simply use an aerial for the regular Freeview channels).

8 thoughts on “Holiday Channel ‘That’s Christmas’ Hits Freeview / Freesat”

  1. Have been watching That’s Xmas on tv, and I’m a bit dissapointed that, “Under the Christmas tree”, by Kelly Clarkson is missing. It’s such an uplifting song. When I first heard it, I thought the singer was Taylor Swift, but I now know it’s Kelly Clarkson who has that strong melodic voice.

  2. there doesn’t seem to be anything decent on there other then American TV rejects with poor editing and actors/actresses never heard of who look like they’ll acting rather then feeling like a real situation. Should be called That’s Cringe! (sorry to be a scrooge but its really true!) Big turn off.

    • The 70s channel was really good, but considering all the hard work that’s currently going on at the North Pole, I think they deserve a Christmas channel to watch at break times.

  3. Let’s get Halloween and Guy Fawkes out the way first! TV is just as bad as supermarkets, Christmas coming earlier and earlier. Mid to end of November is when this stuff should be coming out NOT mid Oct

    • Totally agree, not all can access the Internet. I use my mobile as a hotspot, but it’s not reliable enough to get a decent signal


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