Channel 5 Disappears From Freeview And Freesat’s Guides

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A problem with Channel 5’s data, has caused the channel to disappear from the Electronic Programme Guides of several TV platforms in the UK – including Freeview, Freesat and Sky.

On the various electronic TV guides, Channel 5’s information was missing from Sunday, April 30 onwards.

April 26 Update: The error seems to have been fixed on all platforms. However, if you had future recordings set up (especially full series recordings), you should double-check those. For more details on what happened – see the original article below:

Besides not being able to see future programming information, without a properly updated EPG, viewers can’t set any future recordings, and have to manually set timings if they want to record anything on those channels.

Worse yet, if people already have automatic recordings for ongoing series set up on their Freeview / Freesat / Sky Q devices – those series won’t get recorded.

Furthermore, it’s too early to say whether the series-recording issue will get fixed automatically – even once Channel 5’s data comes back (with episodes that won’t get marked for recording).

Humax Aura recording screen
Recordings on the Humax Aura

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sort of problem – it happened a few months ago when some of Channel 5’s other channels (5USA, 5Action and others) went missing from Freesat.

But this time around (as first reported by RXTV), the programming data is missing from all the major TV platforms, and not just from Freesat.

As with previous cases, it seems that the channel itself is accessible, by keying its number directly on the remote – it’s just the EPG information that is currently missing (from Sunday onwards).

Channel 5’s Info Is Gone – Who Is Affected?

The problem doesn’t seem to be affecting specific devices this time around – as Channel 5’s programming information is missing from the EPG altogether.

Channel 5 logo on a smartphone
Photo: Deposit Photos

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to set recording or viewing reminders on Freeview, Freesat or Sky – you won’t be able to do so, as of this writing, from Sunday onwards.

Furthermore, while in the past similar issues mostly affected specific (older) devices – this time around it seems all Freeview and Freesat devices are affected, as well as Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Currently, the online versions of Freeview and Freesat’s TV guide are simply blank, for Channel 5, from Sunday, April 30 onwards.

Freeview EPG Channel 5 empty
Freeview’s EPG – Channel 5 Missing

The TV guide on Sky Glass is currently showing “Awaiting for Information”, for Channel 5, from Sunday onwards.

Sky Glass Channel 5 missing

Channel 5’s Recording Bug Workaround

Since the channel itself isn’t affected, and you can still watch its programmes on all the platforms – the main issue at the moment is about recordings you’re looking to set from Sunday onwards.

Therefore, on some recording boxes, you can set up the recording manually. That is – if you know when the programme you want to record is on – and for how long – you can set the box to record Channel 5 on that exact date and time.

If you still end up missing a programme, another workaround is to watch it later on Channel 5’s streaming and catch-up app, My5.

My5 Channel 5 on desktop

My5 features box-sets and catch-up content from the various Channel 5 channels – though not every programme will be available there.

The app is available on most of the Smart TVs and streaming devices in the UK, as well as on all Freeview Play boxes, and most Freesat boxes.

On Sky Glass and Sky Stream, you will most likely be able to find Channel 5’s shows as part of those device’s regular catch-up platform.

  • As mentioned above, the issue has now been resolved.

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  1. Since the changes were made to your Free view channels, I lost 26 Yesterday, but I have had a lot of trouble with Pixeling ( bad picture ). Can anyone help me.


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