BBC iPlayer Breaks Down On Multiple Devices [Updated]

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BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s live streaming and catch-up app, has stopped working today on a long list of streaming devices, with users being unable to open the app and stream programmes.

In our testing, the app didn’t load on Amazon’s Fire TV, Sky Glass, Roku’s streaming sticks and Chromecast with Google TV (with more devices being reported).

There are a few places where iPlayer continued to work – such as the Android mobile app.

A BBC spokesperson told Cord Busters: “We’re aware of a technical issue affecting BBC iPlayer viewing on some internet-connected TVs. We’re working to fix this asap.”

  • 16:50 Update: It looks like BBC iPlayer is working again on all devices. If you’re still seeing issues – let us know in the comments. 

The original article is below:

On Sky Glass, when trying to run BBC iPlayer, an error message appears in its place.

BBC iPlayer not working on Sky Glass

On Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku and the Chromecast, iPlayer simply gets stuck on a blank screen.

Many have taken to social media to complain, with reports of other devices where iPlayer stopped working – including Virgin Media’s TV box, Roku’s streaming devices and the PS5.


This is the second time in recent months that technical difficulties have prevented people from watching BBC iPlayer.

Back in November, iPlayer had a malfunction with its sign-in process, a problem which affected users across almost every streaming devices – including mobile phones. That problem was fixed within a few hours.

BBC iPlayer sign in error message
iPlayer Error in November

Last April, BBC iPlayer had a specific problem on two device families – Amazon’s Fire TV and some of Humax’s Freeview boxes. Both were fixed within a few days.

BBC iPlayer Users Complaining On Social Media

With so many users not even able to open BBC iPlayer, many have taken to Twitter to complain and ask for help.

Some were even referencing the TV Licence fee, which is used to fund the BBC (and iPlayer).

Some have noticed that the BBC has apparently forgotten to renew the SSL security certificate for iPlayer’s domain – which may explain the ongoing issue.

Where Can I Continue To Watch BBC iPlayer?

Despite the ongoing issue, there are a few devices where BBC iPlayer still works:

  • The Android app seems to be working at this time (therefore the iOS app may be working as well, but we’re waiting for confirmation)
  • The BBC iPlayer website, if you go to it directly on a browser.

As mentioned above – BBC iPlayer started working again at around 16:50.

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  1. 9.40 and still nonworking in TV. Freeplay displays message “content not available”. No issue with any other catch up stations so TV WiFi connection good. Accessible on other media, just not my TV


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