Virgin Media Stream And TV 360 Get New Enhancements

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Virgin Media has once again updated its Stream and TV 360 platforms, pushing out new software enhancements and changes, aimed at improving the user experience.

The update is rather minor this time around (the last one was back in January), but some users will indeed see some changes.

The update, which started to roll out earlier this month, should already be available on supported devices.

Just remember that these updates are only for Virgin Media’s Stream and TV 360 devices. If you’re using one of the company’s older boxes, these changes won’t affect your service.

Virgin Media TV 360 remote
Photo: Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s “old-school” TV platform, TV 360, offers access to 190 channels and up to three mini 360 boxes around the home if you want to watch in extra rooms.

It also provides access to the Virgin TV Go app, allowing customers to stream their preferred shows on mobile devices, offering convenience and flexibility.

Virgin Media Stream (see our review), available to both new and existing customers who subscribe to Virgin Media’s broadband, is a streaming-based TV platform with apps, Freeview-via-broadband and catch-up libraries.

Virgin Media Stream hero
Virgin Media’s Stream Box

While the list of channels on the Stream and on TV360 is not identical – 100 channels were added to Stream earlier this year, so most of channels are now available on both devices.

As for apps, although the library of apps on Virgin Media Stream doesn’t quite match those of third-party streaming devices like Amazon’s Fire TV or Roku, it still includes most of the major streaming services in the UK, including BBC iPlayer, ITVX, Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Paramount+ and more.

The Stream (get it here) offers complete flexibility with a 30-day rolling contract and no ongoing cost beyond the streaming subscriptions users choose to subscribe to (but remember – you must be a Virgin Media broadband customer – and that does usually carry a long-term contract).

Stream customers can also benefit from Stream credit, which provides a 10% saving on select streaming services added via their Virgin TV bill.

Virgin Media Stream And TV360 June Update: What’s New?

The software updates (versions 5.08, 5.09, and 5.10) are free, and should have already been rolled out to customers’ devices (Stream and TV360), assuming those devices are connected.

Improved Tips and Tricks in TV Guide

Getting the most out of your TV Guide just got easier.

Virgin Media update TV Guide tips
Photo: Virgin Media

By using your remote’s voice command and saying the word “Help” while on the TV Guide screen, you’ll be presented with useful tips that will help you navigate and utilize the guide more effectively.

Regional Channels Displayed in Content Folders

In a move to streamline content discovery, regional channels will now only be displayed in content folders if they are available in your actual location.

Virgin Media update regional content
Photo: Virgin Media

This change ensures that users only see relevant channels, reducing clutter and improving content organization (not to mention the potential disappointment of seeing a channel you can’t actually watch in your region).

Personal Home Screen

The Personal Home screen will now show some tiles showcasing content from across the Virgin Media O2 brand.

Virgin Media update home screen promotions
Photo: Virgin Media

This includes information on Priority tickets and updates on new features, keeping users informed about the latest offerings and promotions (in other words – you’ll start seeing in-house adverts/promotions on your home screen).

Removal of “Flo” Keyboard

The “Flo” keyboard option, which allowed users to highlight three letters at a time before selecting their chosen letter, has been removed.

Virgin Media update flo keyboard
Photo: Virgin Media

The traditional keyboard for searching shows remains unchanged.

Unpairing Remote Function Removed

Previously, holding the Live TV and 0 buttons together for several seconds would unpair certain remotes from your Virgin box.

To prevent accidental unpairing, this function has now been removed. Holding these two buttons together will no longer unpair the remote from the TV box.

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