TV Remote Wars: Surprising Revelations From UK Dads

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British dads have made it abundantly clear: they want the reins to the TV remote and the keys to the kingdom.

In a surprising twist, a recent survey done by Roku unveils that a staggering 51% of UK fathers with children under 18 would choose unbridled control of the TV remote over any other gift this Father’s Day.

The survey, which takes a deep dive into the television habits and desires of UK households, unravels the drama in the living room and just how important the small screen is in family dynamics.

But the remote isn’t the only thing on dads’ minds – 43% of the dads in the survey also really want an unspoken rule that their favourite seat by the TV is just for them.

That’s right, that comfy armchair is like their own special chair, and they hope for it always to be free and ready for them to sit in.

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The TV Battleground

For those who seek to splurge for Father’s Day this year, the research indicates a different direction than those annual ties and socks.

One in three dads, about 33%, would appreciate having a second television for undisturbed viewing, and an equal number aspired for a bigger TV to escalate their experience.

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Completing the top three in the wish list for Father’s Day is for the whole family to “watch only what I want”.

Roku’s Streaming Devices

Of course, if you’re looking for another streaming device that may minimise TV squabbles, Roku is happy to offer some of its boxes.

The three stand-alone streaming devices from Roku that are sold in the UK are excellent streamers – with the 4K Streaming Stick being our choice for the top UK streaming device for quite some time.

Roku Comparison 2022 - boxes hero

Roku devices support most of the streaming services and apps that are currently available in the UK, including the public broadcasters’ streaming apps – BBC iPlayer, ITVX, All4 (now called Channel4) and My5.

If you’re still waiting to jump on board the Roku wagon, there are three models to choose from (See our Roku comparison)

The Roku Streambar (see my review) combines two devices in one – a powerful streaming device and a compact soundbar that will, in most cases, sound miles better than your TV’s built-in speakers. 

And, just in time for Father’s Day – the Roku Streambar is available for more than 50% off >>> Check Current Price.

Roku Streambar on window
The Roku Streambar

In addition, Roku sells Roku TVs – Freeview television sets with Roku’s OS already built into them. Several models are now sold in the UK – including a Roku TV from Hisense, and TCL Roku TV.

The data in this article is based on a survey conducted by market research company OnePoll and commissioned by Roku. The survey involved 2,000 UK adults and was carried out in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct.

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