‘Three’ Mobile Adds Paramount+ As A Perk For Customers

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Paramount+ UK and mobile operator Three have announced a new partnership today – bundling the streaming service into some of Three’s new plans.

With this deal, Three is joining other mobile providers (such as EE and Vodafone) that offer streaming video and music services as a ‘perk’ for subscribers.

As is often the case, the small print includes a list of caveats as to who is eligible to get Paramount+ at no extra cost – and for how long.

For starters, only monthly contract customers who buy a new plan (either a handset or sim-only) from Three are eligible, and even then, only if they sign up to one of Three’s new ‘Three Your Way’ plans – Plus and Standard (see full details below).

Other Three customers will be able to optionally add Paramount+ and pay for it via their mobile billing – at the regular market price (£6.99/month).

Paramount Plus


Paramount+ is a global streaming service that offers content from CBS, Showtime and Paramount Pictures, as well as exclusive, original programmes.

It offers some popular originals and library shows, including the sci-fi hit HaloYellowstone1923The Mayor Of Kingstown, most Star Trek shows and films, and more.

The streaming service is also home to a wide selection of new blockbuster films, including Top Gun: Maverick.

Paramount+ normally costs £6.99/month or £69.90/year in the UK, with a free 7-day trial available to everyone. 

The standalone Paramount+ app is available on most major streaming devices and Smart TVs sold in the UK, and you can sign up either directly via the Paramount+ app/website, or via Amazon Prime Video Channels.

Prime Video Channels require an Amazon Prime subscription, and you then subscribe to Paramount+ on top of that. You will then be able to watch Paramount+ on any device that supports the Prime Video app, not just those with the Paramount+ app.

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However, do note that Three’s Paramount+ offer is for the direct app version – and not the Prime Video version (the two aren’t interchangeable – if you subscribe directly to Paramount+, you can watch it on the Prime Video app, and vice versa).

Sky Cinema subscribers, who have Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream, can also get Paramount+ for free, as long as they remain subscribers.

Three’s New Plans – Now With Paramount+

Three launched back in 2003, and now has around 9.5 million mobile customers. It’s generally considered a low-cost mobile operator, and as such, offered fewer perks over the years (focusing on cheaper prices instead).

Three UK Mobile store Maidenhead publicity
Photo: Three

This week, Three is revamping some of its mobile plans, with new, flexible ‘Three Your Way’ contracts. 

As part of those, customers will be able to choose a new mobile handset, choose how much to pay upfront, and customise the length of the plan (and the number of payments).

On top of that, customers will be able to choose between three tiers (that cost differently) – Standard, Plus and Premium. 

Each tier will include different perks:

  • Standard is the basic tier that simply includes unlimited calls and texts, 5G data (the amount depends on how much you pay), and Three’s “Rewards” apps.
  • Plus adds a Paramount+ subscription for half the length of your contract, as well as ‘Go Roam’ passes for 28 days a year, and an extended warranty for your device.
  • Premium includes Paramount+ for the full length of your contract, 56 days of Go Roam passes, an extended warranty, and ‘Screen Repair’ (if taken on a 24 months contract).

At the moment, the Plus and Premium plans can only be bought in stores, and not online, therefore a full price list isn’t available yet – but as always, it depends on the device you choose to buy, as well as on the amount of data you want and the length of the contract.

The offer isn’t available to existing customers – unless they decide to upgrade their device and start a new handset contract (but be careful – as this means you’ll be paying monthly for TWO devices at the same time, until you finish paying for your first device).

However, we’re told the offer is also available to those who buy a new Sim-Only plan (and add the appropriate tier) – even if they don’t buy a new device.

Once you sign up for an eligible plan, you will get an SMS with an activation link, to setup an account on Paramount+.

Once you do, this will be a regular account – meaning you will be able to watch it on any device (or TV) the supported the Paramount+ app, and not just on your mobile phone.

Paramount Plus on phone earbuds

With this new partnership, Paramount+ is now the exclusive subscription video-on-demand partner for Three UK.

Akhila Khanna, Vice President, Partnerships & Business Development, UK, at Paramount, said:

“Mobile distribution is a crucial part of our strategy to reach the widest possible audience with our premium content proposition.

“This significant partnership with Three UK allows us to complement their broad penetration and market-leading capabilities with the high value add on streaming content from Paramount+”.

1 thought on “‘Three’ Mobile Adds Paramount+ As A Perk For Customers”

  1. Paramount Plus are good, they’ve got well better since their launch and it’s still getting better too.

    Only problem is their customer service, they leave problems unfixed after one or two mails (still problems since launch) and you get constantly copy and pasted generic replies (not an exclusive problem to Paramount Plus but is something they could be way better at) however the content is getting so much better.

    Just wish they’d update the full Beavis and Butt-Head season like the US (they only have 35 episodes out of 200 plus from the classic season) and it’s been left a while now. Same with Doug and other various shows completely missing from UK but I think these are slowly but surely coming over time 😊


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