Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Now Available On UK Streaming

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In what appears to be a landmark moment for music lovers and Swifties alike, Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated The Eras Tour (Extended Version) has now made its streaming debut in the UK.

This event marks a significant occasion, not only because it coincides with Swift’s 34th birthday, but also as it follows a sensational run at the box office, establishing The Eras Tour movie as the must-see movie of the season.

The Eras Tour is available to rent digitally and watch on TV in the UK (from December 13, 2023) – and includes three bonus songs not seen in cinemas (see more details below).

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Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour film, which made its theatrical debut in the UK on October 13, 2023, has been a resounding success, setting new benchmarks in the event cinema landscape.

The film was released in UK cinemas, with fans eagerly attending screenings across the country, including in major cities like London.

The success of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour at the UK box office has been nothing short of spectacular.

In just the first three days following its release, the film grossed an impressive £5.7 million, becoming the highest-grossing event cinema release ever in the UK and Ireland.

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Notably, this impressive opening places it as the tenth-highest opening for any film in the UK for the year, and is especially impressive considering its 169-minute runtime.

In addition to its UK success, The Eras Tour film has made a substantial impact globally, with the tour itself bringing in $13 million per night and attracting approximately 72,000 fans at each show.

The tour also generated $178 million in the US and $70 million internationally, leading to a worldwide total of $249 million so far.

Critically, The Eras Tour film has been lauded for its ability to capture the energy and spectacle of Swift’s live performances.

Reviewers have praised the film for delivering an experience that rivals, and in some aspects surpasses, the live concert experience.

The film is commended for offering close-ups and details that might be missed in a live show, with cinematic techniques that enhance the viewing experience.

Despite lacking supplementary material like interviews or behind-the-scenes footage, the film has been celebrated for its focus on the concert itself, offering an immersive experience to the audience

How Can I Stream The Eras Tour In The UK?

Released on December 13, 2023, this home release offers an exclusive extended cut of the tour, previously unseen in cinemas.

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What sets this extended version apart are the three additional songs that were not part of the theatrical release.

The bonus songs are:

  • Long Live
  • The Archer
  • Wildest Dreams

The film is available to rent from the leading Digital VOD stores in the UK, such as Amazon’s Prime Video Store, Apple TV, Google Play / YouTube and others.

At first, The Eras Tour is only available to rent (digitally) – meaning you can only watch it for a limited time. Further down the line, it will become available for a full digital purchase.

The rental cost is, as of this writing, £15.99 for the Ultra HD (4K) version.

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  1. I’ll wait until sometime January 2024, when it becomes available to purchase. This is one 3hr concert thats not to be Swift (sniffed) at. 😄


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