Watch: Sneak Peek Of BBC’s ‘Survivor’ 2023 Reboot

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Prepare for the ultimate test of strategy, endurance, and human spirit as the BBC breathes new life into the global phenomenon, Survivor.

The first tantalizing glimpse of this much-anticipated reboot was finally unveiled this week – and we’ve got the teaser video right here for you.

Currently in production in the sun-soaked landscapes of the Dominican Republic, the reboot is slated to hit the screens of BBC One and BBC iPlayer this autumn.

The teaser was unveiled during the Women’s Wimbledon Final on BBC One on July 15, 2023 (but you can watch it down below). 

Survivor CBS
Survivor US (Photo: CBS)

Survivor, often hailed as “the greatest game on earth”, has captivated audiences worldwide with over 50 unique adaptations.

The brainchild of Charlie Parsons, Survivor has dominated the reality entertainment scene since its inception in Sweden in 1997.

Celebrating its silver jubilee last year, the show has been crowned the ‘Number 1 Best Reality Show of All Time’ by Variety, and has spawned 50 global versions, including the CBS version from the USA, which recently aired its 44th season.

The History Of Survivor In The UK

Survivor, the British competition television series based on the international reality franchise of the same name, initially aired for two series on the ITV network in 2001 and 2002.

The show featured a group of contestants, or “castaways”, marooned in an isolated location, where they had to provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves.

Survivor ITV 2002
Survivor UK – That’s What It Looked Like 20 Years Ago (Photo: ITV)

The contestants competed in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The final castaway remaining was awarded the title of “Ultimate Survivor” and a monetary prize.

Despite being considered a failure in the ratings by ITV, the programme was watched by more viewers than other reality series at the time, including Big Brother.

ITV cancelled Survivor after two series because it had failed to garner a loyal viewership (amidst a reported budget of £9 million).

The network admitted fault for not supporting the series enough in its launch phase, highlighting the key issue with their approach to be the scheduling of the series.

After a long hiatus, reports began circulating in 2017 that the series would be revived. In 2022, BBC One confirmed the revival of Survivor, with the third series of the programme now being filmed.

Survivor UK 2023 First Look

The BBC reboot will see 18 contestants compete for a £100,000 cash prize and the title of Sole Survivor, across 16 one-hour episodes.

The show promises a compelling test of brains, brawn, and betrayal as players compete to outwit, outplay, and outlast their rivals to be crowned the Ultimate Survivor.

Survivor UK teaser
Survivor UK 2023 (Photo: BBC)

Survivor will feature carefully selected individuals from across the UK, marooned in a tropical location in the Dominican Republic. They will be divided into two tribes, competing head-to-head in a range of physical and psychological challenges.

This week, the BBC finally gave us a short teaser with a first look at the upcoming reboot.

The teaser video doesn’t show much, and we can’t single out any contestants yet – but it certainly gives a taste of things to come:

The show is hosted by Joel Dommett, a beloved comedian and presenter known for hosting The Masked Singer UK and the prestigious National Television Awards in 2021.

When Joel Dommett was named as the reboot’s host earlier this year, he expressed his excitement about hosting the show, saying, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! A huge thank you to the BBC for trusting me with this.

“It’s such a hugely popular format all over the world and I’m super excited to help bring it to our sweet little country. Let the tribal councils BEGIN!”

Joel Dommett BBC
Joe Dommett (Photo: BBC)

Natalka Znak, CEO of Remarkable Entertainment (producers of the show), also shared her enthusiasm about the reboot and its host, stating, “Not only is Survivor one of the biggest shows on TV, we are thrilled to have one of the biggest talents on TV host it.

“Joel’s infectious wit and energy are second to none – I can’t wait to watch as he leads our Survivor contestants through their epic battle!”

Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await the premiere of Survivor on BBC One and BBC iPlayer this autumn.

2 thoughts on “Watch: Sneak Peek Of BBC’s ‘Survivor’ 2023 Reboot”

  1. My wife and I watched the ITV version back in 2002 and enjoyed bothseries immensely and could never understand why it was canceled. One downside which may account for viewing figures, if I am not mistaken the two series were presented by the ultra pompous, unbearable Micheal Burke……..ugh!

    • I remember Mark Austin and Mark Nicholas. (Although I think there was also John Leslie…?)

      I don’t remember Michael Burke in it – but I may be wrong…


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