Sky Stream Rolls Out Free 1-Month Trial With Netflix

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Ever wanted to try Sky’s streaming puck, but wasn’t sure it’s the right fit for you? This uncertainty can be especially frustrating when upfront costs and commitments are involved.

For a limited time, Sky seeks to eradicate that hurdle by offering its Sky Stream box, along with one month of Sky’s entertainment channels and Netflix, absolutely free. And even better – the deal requires no complicated installations or long-term commitments.

That’s right, you pay nothing (even the £39.99 setup fee is waived) – and, since Stream has a rolling 31-day contract – you can simply cancel and return the device before the month is up, and you won’t get billed.

And, since Sky Stream doesn’t need a satellite dish (it’s based on broadband) – there’s nothing complicated to install or uninstall at your house, and there’s no need for an engineer visit.

Of course, as with any offer – there are a few caveats. And, it’s worth learning what Stream can and can’t do beforehand – so read ahead for the full details.

Also note that this deal is only available until June 1, 2023 – so you have less than a week to snag it.

What Is Sky Stream?

Sky Stream (see my review) is a standalone 4K streaming box, also known as the “puck”, launched by Sky in October 2022, which is connected to your TV set through an HDMI cable.

Sky Stream with remote on table
Sky Stream

Unlike Sky’s older devices (such as Sky Q), Stream doesn’t use a satellite dish but relies on broadband (via WiFi or Ethernet) to stream content, comparable to other popular streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Google’s Chromecast. 

Once you sign up for Sky’s service, you get all of Sky’s channels, as well as third-party channels and some Freeview channels, streamed to the box via broadband.

Sky Stream also hosts apps for most of the major streaming services available in the UK, including Amazon’s Prime Video, Netflix, and Paramount+.

Another major difference between Stream and Sky’s dish-based boxes, Sky Stream doesn’t require a long-term contract. The basic contract is a rolling 31-day agreement that you can cancel at any time without penalty charges.

However, an 18-month contract option is also available, which can lower your monthly subscription costs (see below).

Sky Stream in bedroom side view
Sky Stream

Another broadband-based solution from Sky is its TV set – Sky Glass (see my review). It’s a 4K TV set with a QLED HDR display and a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar with six speakers.

Sky Glass uses the same OS as Stream – but, in Glass’ case, you have to buy the TV itself along with Sky’s service and channels.

And of course, there’s also Sky’s long-running streaming-only service, NOW – which works on every streaming device and doesn’t need a specific one from Sky – see my Sky Stream VS NOW comparison.

Sky Stream Pricing

Normally, Sky Stream’s prices depend on whether you take the 31-days contract (which you can cancel anytime) or the 18-month contract.

The mandatory basic package for Sky Stream users is Sky Ultimate, which includes Sky Entertainment (a pack of channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, and others), Freeview, and the basic Netflix plan with a video resolution of 720p.

Sky Ultimate content
Sky Ultimate

The rolling-contract version of this package on Sky Stream costs £29/month, and the same plan, with the 18-month contract, is £26/month.

On top of that, you can add more packs and channels from Sky and 3rd parties. As of this writing, the costs are:

  • Sky Cinema (which includes Paramount+) for £13/month on the rolling contract, and £11/month on the 18-month contract.
  • Sky Sports currently on offer for £22/month (instead of £27) on the rolling contract, and £20/month (instead of £25) on the 18-month contract.
  • Sky Kids for £6/month on either contract.
  • BT Sport – Currently on offer for £28/month (instead of £30) on either contract.

If you want to add 4K and Dolby Atmos, that’s another £6/month. And if you want to be able to fast forward adverts – that’s £5/month (it used to be free on the first year – but that’s no longer the case).

Sky Stream hand

And lastly, if you want to be able to watch in other rooms – you need the “Whole Home” add-on, which is £12/month. The first Whole Home puck (so the second for you in total) is free for now – but you will have to pay £39.95 for additional ones.

Sky Stream Free Trial Offer

The current deal is available until June 1, 2023.

As part of the offer, you can get Sky Stream (the puck), along with a full month of Sky Ultimate (which includes Netflix) for £0.

You can choose whether to sign up for the 31-days rolling contract or the 18-months contract – but be careful – if you sign up for the 18-months contract, you’ll start paying the regular £26/month when your first month is up (for 17 more months) – so it’s a free month, but not a free trial in that case.

However, if you sign up for the rolling contract – and then decide to cancel within the first month – you’ll end up paying nothing (you do have to return the puck to Sky though).

You can also get the rolling contract and then – if you’re satisfied – switch to the 18-months contract later on and lower your monthly cost (Though I’m not a big fan of long-term TV contracts – as you lose the cord cutting flexibility of being able to switch between different streaming services at will).

Also note that if you choose to add any additional add-ons to Sky Ultimate, those will NOT be free, and you’re going to pay for them from Day 1.

And, as is usually the case – the offer is only available for new Sky Stream customers.

Lastly, if you’re also looking into Sky Glass – the full TV set from Sky – it’s currently available with 3 free months of Sky Ultimate.

But keep in mind – with Glass, you’re also buying the TV set.

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