Sky Glass And Stream Get A New Feature-Rich Update

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Sky has launched an extensive software update, adding a range of new features to its streaming devices – the Sky Glass TV set and the Sky Stream standalone puck.

This free update aims to improve user experience by introducing a new global playlist management tool, a spoiler prevention button (of sorts), as well as novel Women’s World Cup voice commands, among other improvements (see full list below).

This software enhancement, integrated into Entertainment OS Version 1.2, is freely available to all Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers, both new and existing, with the devices being automatically updated.

Sky Glass on cabinet

Sky Glass (see my review), which was released in 2021, is a 4K TV set that features a QLED HDR display and a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar with six speakers. 

Sky Stream (see our review) is a standalone streaming set-top box that works with any broadband provider.

Unlike other Sky’s other services in the UK, Sky Glass and Sky Stream don’t use a satellite dish – instead, they rely on broadband, and stream all the content to the TV, much like other streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Roku – or streaming services like Sky’s own NOW (see our Sky Stream VS Now comparison).

Sky Stream near TV
Sky Stream

Sky Glass / Stream: What’s New?

Sky Glass and Sky Stream both use the same operating system, Entertainment OS, which is now on version 1.2 (Build version QS019.007.00P).

Your device should get the update automatically (when it’s on standby – so usually during the night). You can check your current software version in the device’s Settings.

If it looks like your device hasn’t updated yet, you can try to unplug it from the wall, wait about 20 seconds, and then plug it back in – that may reset the update process.

So, here’s what’s new with this latest update:

Sky Playlist – New ‘Manage All’ 

Earlier this year, Sky finally introduced separate profiles on Sky Glass and Sky Stream. Or, more accurately – ‘Personalised Playlists’.

Until then, the whole family had to share a single playlist – so it was cluttered with shows and films Dad watches, along with kids’ content and maybe even stuff your housesitter saved to the list.

Sky Glass add to my personalised playlist
Personalised Playlists

With the Personalised Playlist feature, every household member can now setup their own Playlist, and add favourite programmes to it.

There’s also a ‘Global’ Playlist that holds shows the whole family plans to watch.

That, however, has made Playlist management a bit complicated, with several separate lists to maintain.

With the new ‘Manage All‘ feature, you now have even more control of the Playlist – with one place to see and manage everything you’ve added, on all the Playlists.

Sky Glass manage all

To access the new Manage All screen, just scroll to the end of a Playlist and select the ‘Manage All’ button. 

This will bring up a new page that lets you easily browse everything that’s saved in different Personal Playlists, all in one place – and remove the stuff you don’t want anymore.

Sky Glass manage playlist
Manage All page

Furthermore, you can now move TV shows and films from one Playlist to another, by pressing “+” on the remote and selecting which Personal Playlist you
want to move that title to.

‘Restart’ Button on Live Show Pages

Sky says the ‘Watch From The Start’ button is a really popular feature on its devices, as it lets you jump back to the beginning of a live show/event that’s airing right now.

However, until now, you’ve had to jump into that live show (either directly or via Sky Glass/Stream’s TV Guide) in order to find that ‘Watch From Start’ button – and during that time, you were seeing the live event, risking a quick spoiler.

With the new update, the restart button is now also available from Show Pages, so if you’ve missed the start of a must-watch sports fixture, or that
season finale everyone’s talking about (that’s airing right now), you don’t have to worry about accidentally catching goals or plot twists you’re not ready to see.

Sky Watch From Start show button

Note that if the programme is airing on a BBC channel, you will be taken to the BBC iPlayer app to watch from the beginning. 

Continue Watching Rail Now Includes Netflix

The ‘Continue Watching’ rail on Sky Glass and Sky Stream lets you jump straight back into films/series you’ve started to watch – but not all 3rd party streaming services are supported on that rail.

Now, all the shows and films you’re watching on Netflix can finally be found in the continue-watching rail. You can easily pick up from where you left off, without having to launch the Netflix app first.

Women’s Football World Cup Voice Commands 

To celebrate the start of the World Cup, Sky has added new voice commands that will take you to the heart of the action.

Sky Glass with remote 1200

Phrases like ‘Lionesses’, ‘It’s Coming Home’ and ‘Women’s World Cup’ are just a few of the new commands to take you to a new destination page full of all the live games, catch-up, highlights and results tables. 

Full list of Football Voice Commands:

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup opening ceremony
  • FIFA Women’s World cup live
  • It’s Coming Home
  • Lionesses
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand
  • Women’s World Cup 2023
  • Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s Football World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup Football
  • 2023 Women’s World Cup
  • Australia and New Zealand Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand
  • Australia and New Zealand 2023
  • 2023 Australia and New Zealand
  • Australia and New Zealand Women’s World Cup 2023
  • BBC Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup BBC
  • RTE Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup RTE
  • ITV Women’s World Cup
  • Women’s World Cup ITV
  • Women’s World Cup Fixtures
  • Women’s World Cup Results
  • Women’s World Cup Schedule
  • England Football
  • England Women’s Football

To use voice commands, you can either use the ‘Voice’ button on the Sky Glass / Sky Stream remote, or – if you have Sky Glass – just say ‘Hello Sky’, followed by the voice command.

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