Sky Drops Sky Stream Prices To Their Lowest Ever Levels

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Even though Black Friday is behind us, Sky is lowering the content bundle prices for both Sky Stream and Sky Glass, cutting the costs of the basic package (which includes Netflix), as well as those of Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

Unlike Sky’s Black Friday deal (it’s now gone), which lowered the prices of the Sky Glass TV – this time around, the discounts are only on the content bundles and not on the equipment.

However, the discount for those is bigger than before. So, for example, Sky Ultimate – the base content plan for Stream and Glass, which includes Sky Entertainment, Freeview via broadband and Netflix – now starts from £23/month (instead of £26).

As always with Sky Stream and Glass, the prices change according to the length of your contract – but discounts can be had with both types of contracts (see below for everything on offer).

For some, combining these offers with broadband can increase the discounts – but that depends on the area where you live, and the type and speed of broadband that’s available to you.

Nevertheless, Sky Stream and Sky Glass are “compatible” with all broadband providers – so you don’t need a Sky Broadband subscription for them to work.

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Sky Stream And Sky Glass: What Are They?

Sky Stream (see my review), which was launched just a few weeks ago, is a standalone Sky TV box that anyone can buy without complicated installations.

Unlike Sky’s traditional UK services, Sky Stream doesn’t use a satellite dish – instead, it relies on broadband, and streams all the content to the box (and from there to your TV), much like other streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV sticks and Roku – and streaming services like Sky’s own NOW (see our Sky Stream VS NOW comparison).

Sky Glass (see my review) is a 4K TV set with a QLED HDR display and a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar with six speakers. It’s also based on broadband, and uses the same OS as Stream – but, in Glass’ case, you have to buy the TV itself along with Sky’s service and channels.

Sky Glass with remote 1200

Both Stream and Glass are available without long-term contracts – but if you do take the 18-month contract, you’ll pay less overall.

On top of the basic Sky Ultimate package (which includes TV channels like Sky Atlantic, along with several 3rd party channels, Freeview channels via broadband and Netflix’s basic tier), you can also add additional content packs like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and more.

Sky Stream – The New Deals

For Sky Stream, you just need to order the Sky Stream Puck from Sky, for a one-time “setup fee” of £39.95 with the rolling contract, or £20 with the 18-month contract.

You can choose to sign up for Sky, via the Stream puck, with a rolling 31-day contract that you can cancel at any time – or sign up for 18 months and pay less for some of the content packs.

And while you do own the Sky Stream box itself (and don’t have to send it back at any point) – it will stop working if you unsubscribe from the mandatory Sky Ultimate pack (so be careful not to buy a second-hand Sky Stream).

Sky Stream near TV

During Black Friday, Sky only offered discounts of up to £1/month on Stream’s content bundles. This time around, the discount has gone up a bit.

Starting this week, and for a limited time, you can get:

Sky Ultimate, which includes the Sky Entertainment channels pack and Netflix Basic (which lets you watch on one device at a time, in 720p) for £26/month (instead of £29/month) on the rolling contract, and £23/month (instead of £26/month) on the 18-month contract.

Sky Sports is now £20/month, instead of £25/month – but only on the 18-month contract. On the rolling contract, the price remains at £27/month.

Sky Cinema is now £11/month (instead of £13/month) on the rolling contract, and £9/month (instead of £11/month) on the 18-month contract.

BT Sport remains at the usual £30/month, and Sky Kids is still £6/month.

And if you want to watch content in UHD (4K), you’ll have to add the UHD & Dolby Atmos add-on, which remains at an additional £6/month.

If you want to watch in additional rooms, you’ll have to add the Whole Home pack which is £12/month – but for a limited time, your second Sky Stream puck is free (if you sign up for Whole Home, of course).

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Photo: Sky

One bad bit of news, which we reported earlier, is that Sky’s Ad Skipping add-on is no longer free.

Therefore, if you want to be able to fast-forward adverts while watching Sky’s content, and content on ITVX, All4 and STV – you’ll have to add an additional £5/month (it used to be free for the first 18 months).

Also, note that these discounts are all applicable for Sky Glass as well – while the TVs are no longer discounted, you’ll get the same discounts mentioned above for Sky Glass’ content bundles (on top of what you’re paying for the TV).

Are these deals any good? As someone who generally advocates not getting long-term TV contracts, it’s disappointing to see that the cheapest prices are, again, for those willing to sign 18-month contracts.

And, for most, a cord-cutting solution that involves a cheap streaming device, and the streaming services of your choice (which you can pick, choose and cancel every month) – will be cheaper.

But if you want a one-stop solution that gives you all of Sky’s channels, Freeview via broadband (which is useful if aerial reception in your area is bad), and Netflix – then you might as well get it for less.

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