Sky Users Can Now Get Apple TV+ And Hayu For Free

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In a bid to sweeten the deal for its customers, Sky is now offering extended free trials for two popular streaming services.

For a limited time, Sky subscribers can enjoy three months of free access to Apple TV+, which offers critically acclaimed original content, and Hayu, which specializes in reality TV shows and true crime documentaries.

Apple TV+, known for its high-quality originals, such as the Emmy-winning comedy Ted Lasso and the gripping WWII drama Masters of The Air, has become a go-to destination for discerning viewers seeking thought-provoking and engaging content.

Meanwhile, Hayu has carved a niche for itself as a haven for reality TV enthusiasts, offering a vast library of popular shows such as The Real Housewives franchise and Below Deck.

hayu try for free tablet

And, unlike many other similar offers, this one is available for both new and existing Sky TV customers, as well as new and, some, existing Apple TV+ customers (but only new customers of Hayu – see full details below).

What Is Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that showcases Apple’s original content, including critically acclaimed series like Masters of the Air, Ted Lasso, Foundation, Slow Horses and many others.

The platform has gained recognition for its high-quality productions, with a special emphasis on science fiction shows, award-winning dramas, and documentaries.

Apple TV plus originals
Apple TV+ Originals

Apple TV+ normally costs £8.99/month (following a price increase last year), but every new customer of Apple TV+ can get a free 7 days trial, and customers who buy iOS devices can get three free months.

Other Apple TV+ offers are regularly available as well – via retail stores, mobile companies and even banks – in fact, some coupon chasers have probably had Apple TV+ since its launch – without ever actually paying for it.

How Do I Get Apple TV+ For Free On Sky?

The Apple TV+ app is available on Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream. Remember that even on Sky Q, you’ll need broadband to watch anything on Apple TV+, as it’s a streaming service.

Sky customers can redeem three months of free Apple TV+ through the VIP section of the My Sky app under the Gifts & Discounts category.

To access the offer, users must be signed in with their Sky iD and must also have (or create) an Apple account.

The promotion is available to new AND returning Apple TV+ subscribers in the UK and Ireland. 

This means that even if you already took advantage of a similar Apple TV+ free trial offer in the past – you might be able to add these three free months to your subscription on top.

That’s not always the case, though, as it depends on the type of free trial/promotion you used on your Apple TV+ account in the past (so your best bet is to simply try this, even if you already have an active account with Apple TV+ or had one in the past).

Either way, this offer should always work for brand-new Apple TV+ accounts (as long as you activate it within 30 days from the end of the promotional period – and Sky hasn’t announced an end date as of this writing).

Apple TV Plus living room man
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Once you sign up for the free three months, you can cancel the subscription immediately – and continue to watch until the three months are up (that way, you won’t have to remember to cancel, if you don’t want the subscription to automatically renew as a paid subscription).

Once you sign up via Sky, you can use and watch Apple TV+ on any supported device – not just on your Sky device.

It’s worth noting that Sky previously offered six months of free Apple TV+ to its customers. But although the current deal has been reduced to three months, it still provides an excellent opportunity for viewers to explore Apple’s exclusive content without any additional cost.

Hayu: Reality TV Haven

Hayu, a streaming service owned by NBCUniversal/Comcast (which also owns Sky), is dedicated to reality TV shows and true crime content.

Therefore Hayu has become synonymous with ‘guilty pleasure’ TV, offering shows that are as addictive as they are talked about (at least among certain circles).

With a library of over 300 shows and 10,000 episodes, Hayu brings the latest from the US to the UK, often within a day of their American release, with popular titles such as The Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, Below Deck, and The Valley.

Hayu’s app is also available on a multitude of other streaming devices, such as Roku and the Fire TV, and is available either as a standalone service, or as an Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Hayu normally costs £4.99/month in the UK.

How Do I Get Hayu For Free On Sky?

To claim the three-month free trial of Hayu, Sky Glass, Stream, and Q customers who do not currently have a Hayu subscription can simply say “Hayu Sky VIP” into their remote control or access the offer through the Hayu tile on their Sky device.

Hayu on Sky

As with the Apple TV deal, once you sign up you will be able to watch Hayu on any supported device (but only directly via the Hayu app – the Amazon Prime Video Channel version is a separate subscription).

Just don’t forget to cancel before the 3 months are up – otherwise, the subscription will automatically renew as a paid subscription.

The promotion is available until May 8, 2023.

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