O2 Offers 6 Months Of Free Amazon Prime To Some Customers

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British Telecommunications company O2 (a part of Virgin Media O2) is now offering up to six months of Amazon Prime at no extra cost for new and upgrading mobile customers. 

This means customers will get Amazon Prime’s full list of benefits – from free one-day shipping and access to Amazon Music, along with Prime Video, Amazon’s popular streaming service.

The Amazon Prime video perk has been added to O2’s list of ‘Extras’ customers can get, which also includes additional streaming options – such as up to six months of Disney+, Audible and more (but you have to pick ONE of these offers, you can’t get all of them).

Only some customers are eligible for these ‘Extra’ offers, however (see full details below) – and if you already have an active Amazon Prime subscription, you can’t switch to this free offer.

Prime Video on phone Amazon on computer

Amazon Prime normally costs £8.99/month, or £95/year. Once the promotional period is over (either 3 or 6 months, depending on your mobile plan), your subscription will continue at Amazon’s normal rate – unless you cancel.

Existing O2 customers who are not looking to buy a new device/contract, can add a new Amazon Prime subscription to their O2 bill – and get a monthly £2 discount off their airtime bill.

What Do You Get With Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a long-running paid subscription service that gives you a host of perks – from free one-day delivery to streaming TV and music. 

Of particular interest to TV cord cutters is of course Amazon’s Prime Video.

It’s Amazon’s answer to Netflix – a streaming-only video service with a library of thousands of TV programmes and movies that you can watch at no extra cost (as part of your Prime subscription).

Some of the major TV hits from Amazon’s Prime Video in recent years include The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, The Boys, Bosch, Jack Ryan and more.

Lord Of The Rings the Rings of Power - Matt Grace Amazon
The Rings of Power (Photo: Amazon / Matt Grace)

You can watch Prime Video on almost every streaming device (such as Roku and Amazon’s own Fire TV), Smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Normally, you can get a Prime Video membership by either purchasing an annual Amazon Prime subscription (which currently costs £95/year) or a monthly Amazon Prime subscription at £8.99/month.

You can also get the lesser-known, stand-alone monthly Prime Video-only subscription, at £5.99/month – which doesn’t include the other Amazon Prime perks (like free shipping).

If you’re not a member yet, you can get a free trial for 30 days, either for the full Amazon Prime service, or just for Prime Video.

However, remember that if you subscribe to Amazon Prime directly – you won’t be eligible for its O2 ‘Extra’ benefit.

How To Get Prime Video For Free On O2

Starting this week, O2 is adding Amazon Prime to the list of its ‘Extra’ perks, where customers can choose one perk to add to their subscription at no extra cost.

O2 Logo - deposit - Chris Dorney
Photo: Deposit Photos / Chris Dorney

The list includes, in addition to Amazon Prime, free subscriptions to Disney+, Audible and Amazon Music Unlimited (but you have to pick one).

You can also get free 3 months of Apple TV+ via O2’s ‘Priority’ app, which offers deals and perks to existing customers, but that’s unrelated to the list of ‘Extras’.

Do note, however, that only some customers are eligible for the free Amazon Prime offer (and the other Extras) –

First, you have to be a NEW or UPGRADING customer (as in – you’re buying a new handset or a new sim-only contract), and you must NOT have an existing, active Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime with boxes

Then, some customers will be eligible for 3 months of free Amazon Prime, while others will get 6 free months – depending on the contract you get: ‘Plus’ plans will give you 6 free months, and eligible non-Plus plans will give you 3 free months.

Plus Plans are currently available on these Pay-Monthly sim-only tariffs:

12 months: 30GB, 75GB, 150GB and Unlimited.

24 months: 10GB, 30GB, 75GB, 150GB and Unlimited.

For new phones, Plus Plans are available on these Pay Monthly phone tariffs: 10GB, 30GB, 75GB, 150GB and Unlimited.

Lastly, existing O2 subscribers who are not planning to upgrade or buy a new phone, can sign up for Amazon Prime via their O2 bill at the regular price (£8.99/month) – but then get a monthly £2 discount on their airtime bill.

Confused yet? Yes, mobile plans can be quite tricky to get your head around, with so many options and price points.

Your best bet is to take a look at O2’s current offers – and see whether anything is suitable for you in terms of pricing and data. Then – and only then – take into account the added Amazon Prime perk, which can save you £54 in total (over 6 months).

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