Lionsgate+ Sets UK Shutdown Date And Refund Details

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Lionsgate+, the premium streaming service that launched in the UK just a couple of years ago, has officially announced its shutdown date in the UK.

Mark your calendars, then: February 29, 2024, will see the end of Lionsgate+’s journey in the UK.

As we were first to report, Lionsgate+ announced its impending closure back in November – but the exact details were unknown until today.

Despite offering a unique blend of shows from Starz and other international platforms, including popular titles like Outlander, the service has struggled to carve out its niche in a market dominated by streaming giants.

As the service prepares to cease operations, Lionsgate+ has outlined key information regarding subscription cancellations and refunds, marking the final phase of its presence in the UK streaming market.

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Here’s everything subscribers and fans need to know.

What Is Lionsgate+ UK?

Lionsgate+, a premium streaming service from Lionsgate/Starz, entered the UK and Ireland streaming market in October 2022.

This launch followed the rebranding of StarzPlay, its earlier version. As a localized version of the US channel Starz, Lionsgate+ offers a mix of shows from Starz and other international platforms.

The First Incarnation – StarzPlay

Originating from Lionsgate, an established film and TV show producer and distributor since 1997, Lionsgate+ may not boast as extensive a content library as giants like Netflix and Disney+, but it features notable UK titles such as Outlander, Power Book III, The Great, and Station Eleven

Currently available both as a standalone service online and via mobile apps, as well as an Amazon Prime Video Channel, Lionsgate+ offers versatility in access. 

The standalone Lionsgate+ app is available for Android and iOS devices. Once the app is downloaded, users can usually get a short free trial, after which they will pay the monthly subscription price of £5.99.

Lionsgate on Sky

Expanding its reach in October 2022, Lionsgate+ also launched as an app on Sky Glass, Sky Stream, and Sky Q, marking a new European partnership that aimed to bring more TV and film content across Sky platforms.

Why Is Lionsgate+ Shutting Down?

Lionsgate+ is set to shut down its UK operations on February 29, 2024, a decision influenced by the competitive streaming market and strategic shifts within its parent company.

This move, first hinted at in a memo from Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch, is part of a broader restructuring as Starz prepares to stand as a standalone entity, separate from Lionsgate (which currently owns it).

Lionsgate, a major player in film and television production, acquired Starz in 2016. Since then, the entertainment industry has seen rapid digital transformation.

Lionsgate has been reevaluating its strategy to focus on more profitable and sustainable aspects of its business, and this reevaluation has led to a decision to restructure, impacting various operations, including the Lionsgate+ streaming service in the UK.

Lionsgate Plus on TV mockup

Despite its rebranding from StarzPlay and offering popular shows like Godfather of Harlem, Lionsgate+ struggled to compete with giants like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video in the UK’s crowded streaming market.

The service’s smaller content library and niche appeal made it challenging to maintain a significant market share, especially in such a saturated market.

Lionsgate’s Official Announcement

Starting this week, UK subscribers of Lionsgate+ are receiving on-screen notifications about the service’s upcoming closure.

In a statement, Lionsgate+ expressed regret over discontinuing the service and confirmed that all subscriptions will be automatically cancelled on February 29.

To facilitate a smooth transition, the company has assured subscribers that they will receive a prorated refund of their current subscription fee, credited to their original payment method.

This refund process may take up to 14 days. Until the service’s final day, subscribers will maintain full access, allowing them to enjoy all available shows.

The Great TV show
The Great (Photo: Lionsgate+)

Lionsgate+ has made it clear that subscribers do not need to take any action regarding the cancellation of their subscriptions.

For subscribers through Amazon’s Prime Video channels, details about the cancellation process are yet to be confirmed. We have reached out to Amazon for more information.

As expected, many dedicated fans of some of the shows have already taken to social media to express their disappointment.

It’s still unknown at this point what will happen to Lionsgate+’s exclusive franchises – it’s safe to assume some of the more popular ones will end up on competing streaming platforms, but nothing is certain at this point.

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3 thoughts on “Lionsgate+ Sets UK Shutdown Date And Refund Details”

  1. Hopefully, this means Outlander will return to Amazon Prime Video where it used to be for the first five seasons until it moved to Lionsgate+. Lionsgate+ was just one streaming service too many, minor players like Lionsgate should licence their TV shows and films out to one of the bigger streaming services.

  2. It comes as no surprise that Lionsgate+ was going to shut down it service with its Outlander and its other historic period dramas – something that our American cousins cant get enough of…where in this country, we are sick to death of them.


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