Freeview Changes: New Channels Are Coming, Others Moving

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Two new channels are being added to the free-to-watch Freeview service this week, including EarthxTV – a nature channel dedicated to the environment.

At the same time, three existing channels – including the popular Now 90s music channel – are changing numbers, names and broadcasting coverage.

The changes are set to take place on August 24, 2022, and as always, some viewers will need to retune their Freeview devices in order to keep the Electronic Programmes Guide up to date (though some devices do this retune automatically – see our recommended Freeview recorders here).

Minor Freeview changes and new channels being added are common occurrences, though these past few months have been abundant with changes, including the major shakeup in June, when nine Freeview channels were shut down.

New Freeview Play 2022 mockup

Freeview, which started its life back in 2002, is the United Kingdom’s terrestrial television platform. It provides free-to-air TV channels and radio stations (via a Freeview aerial – see the ones we recommend), including more than 80 standard and HD channels. You can watch it on any supported TV, or by using a Freeview box.

See our full Freeview guide here.

New Freeview Channel: EarthxTV

EarthxTV is a 24/7 global TV network promoting the environment and sustainability. The nonprofit organisation behind the channel is based in Dallas, Texas.

EarthxTV will be available on Freeview Channel 79.

On August 25, EarthxTV will also be added to Sky, where it will be available on Sky Channel 180. The channel also has an app for most of the leading streaming devices.

EarthX TV

The channel airs unique and award-winning shows that cover a variety of topics: “Media that matters, celebrating the people, places, creatures and cultures that make our planet worth protecting”.

EarthxTV’s vision is “to become the go-to platform featuring environmental content from non-profits, corporations, educational institutions, government partners and filmmakers. A leading forum that connects and impacts our world for a sustainable and conservable future.”

New Freeview Channel: Celebration TV

Celebration TV is a religious channel, which “was born with a mission to reveal Jesus and restore destinies through life-building and impactful spiritual empowerment media programmes.”

Celebration TV Logo

The channel will only be available via streaming, so only on Freeview Play devices that are connected to the internet.

On those devices, Celebration TV will be available on Freeview Channel 275.

Freeview Channel Changes

Now 90s Changing Numbers: The 90s party hits channel, which is only available in Manchester, is moving from Channel 79 to Channel 87 (to make room for the new EarthxTV channel).

Now 90s

The final two changes are a bit confusing, so stay with us:

The existing Country Music Entertainment channel is changing its name to Classic Hits, and will remain on Freeview Channel 88, but with increased coverage – so more Freeview viewers will be able to watch it.

The former Classic Hits channel will be changing its name to Classic Hits MCR, remaining on Freeview Channel 91 – in Manchester only.

Classic Hits was known until recently as That’s Music, then changed its name to Classic Hits. Therefore, there will now be two versions of Classic Hits – one for the general public, and one for Manchester only.

According to Freeview, there will be no changes to broadcast hours for these channels.

Retune Your Freeview Device

Once all these changes take place, you may need to retune your Freeview device manually, otherwise the channel numbers and names won’t be correct.

Some devices – but not all – do this retune automatically.

You can find more information on how to retune your device, in Freeview’s retuning help section.

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6 thoughts on “Freeview Changes: New Channels Are Coming, Others Moving”

  1. I Think Channel 6, 7 and 8 Should come out in the future. Not only that. I Think There Should be some irish Channels in the future as well. That’s RTE 1 and 2, TV3 and TG4 etc. Also I There Should be Free Sports as well.

  2. There probably won’t. The TV band with has been reduced by half to accommodate 5G network. That is why several channels closed in June

  3. When are we going to get more sports channels and film channels on Freesat as well as Freeview this is a question from Robert Williams in the west midlands


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