The BT Sport App Is Shutting Down For Good

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Mark your calendars, sports fans: the BT Sport app, a cornerstone of sports streaming in the UK, is officially shutting down soon.

But don’t fret – this isn’t a step back – it’s a step forward into the new era of sports broadcasting, led by the rising star – TNT Sports (or at least – those are the plans).

Born from a strategic alliance between BT Sport and Warner Bros. Discovery/Eurosport, TNT Sports is looking to redefine its services.

As the BT Sport app makes its exit, on October 12, 2023, Discovery+ will become the de facto app for TNT Sports’ live and on-demand content, offering not just a new platform but a consolidated viewing experience.

But it does mean some viewers will have to take action (if they haven’t yet) – if they want to keep watching.

TNT Sports presenters on TV

Here’s what this shift means for viewers, and for the future of sports broadcasting in the UK.

The Rise Of TNT Sports

In the ever-changing landscape of sports broadcasting, the recent emergence of TNT Sports has been nothing short of a game-changer – and not just by name.

This new venture is the result of a strategic merger between BT Sport and Warner Bros. Discovery/Eurosport.

TNT Sports collage

The collaboration aims to bring a fresh perspective to sports broadcasting in the UK, blending the domestic legacy of BT Sport with the international reach of Eurosport.

One of the most talked-about aspects of TNT Sports has been its pricing structure. For the standalone subscription version, viewers are charged £29.99 per month.

While this might seem steep, the package offers more than just sports coverage.

Subscribers also gain access to the Discovery+ Entertainment and Sports package, which includes a wide array of factual, reality, and lifestyle shows, making it a comprehensive entertainment solution.

Discovery Plus tiers with TNT Sports Premium
Discovery+ Tiers – With Premium

Those who are subscribed to pay-TV platforms such as Sky, Virgin Media or BT – can get TNT Sports via those platforms’ TV offers – and it’s usually cheaper than getting the Premium standalone version of Discovery+.

The BT Sports App Is Going Away

The closure of the BT Sport app, which was announced today (and will take place on October 12), comes as part of the broader partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery.

With the launch of TNT Sports, Discovery+ has become the new streaming home for sports content, effectively replacing the BT Sport app.

This transition is more than just a change of platforms; it’s a consolidation of sports and entertainment offerings under one umbrella.

But, to ease the move from BT Sport to TNT Sports, the BT Sport app continued to work, with live streams, for a transition period. That will soon end.

BT Sport App mockup

The Discovery+ app promises a richer, more diverse viewing experience. Not only will you be able to enjoy Premier League football, rugby, and UFC from TNT Sports, but you’ll also have access to cycling, tennis, and snooker courtesy of Eurosport. 

For existing subscribers, this means that to continue enjoying the features they’ve come to love – such as TimeLine Markers, 4K HDR, and full event replays- they will need to download the Discovery+ app.

BT Sport App
The old BT Sport App

The good news is that this change only impacts the way sports are watched online.

Existing subscriptions via pay-TV platforms (Sky, BT and Virgin Media) remain unaffected, and you can continue to watch TNT Sports channels as you always have.

However, those who’ve been watching via the BT Sport app – on a mobile phone, a Smart TV or streaming stick like Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV – will have to switch over to the Discovery+ app, if they haven’t done so yet.

Discovery plus on tv remote

In the future, TNT Sports will reportedly release its own app, which will include clips, highlights, and sports-related articles – just like the old BT Sport app did.

For now, however, there’s no official date on when such an app is expected to come out – presumably before the final closure of the BT Sport app – but that remains to be seen.

3 thoughts on “The BT Sport App Is Shutting Down For Good”

  1. I have the bt sport app and would always watch American college sports which they will not be showing on TNT and also aussie supercars, was already paying over £20.00 a month for it so will be getting rid of it I just need to find cheap alternative to get my college sports fix.🥺

  2. No good if you havent bought a new smart tv lately. Enjoyed watching on this season on both my upstairs and downstairs smart TVs and now im forced to either pay more to have it on virgin media for just 1 tv or not have at it all. Thanks Discovery.

  3. Thanks for this.
    We enjoyed bt sport app and more recently through roku until our subscription via plusnet ended.
    Initially £5 per month. More recently £10.
    Won’t be subscribing at new tariff as was mainly interested in premiership rugby which they covered comprehensively.
    Thanks for your coverage
    Stephen Holmes


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