Ads Coming To Prime Video UK: Date And Pricing Unveiled

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Mark your calendars: Adverts are coming to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service, and we now know the exact date this major change is set to happen.

Amazon confirmed to us that on February 5, 2024, new and existing Prime Video subscribers in the UK will start seeing adverts when they watch TV shows and films on the service (that’s one week after the US launch of the ad-supported experience).

Those who want to keep the ad-free experience will have to start paying £2.99/month on top of what they’re paying for their Amazon Prime / Prime Video subscription.

Amazon is aiming to show a limited number of adverts – but this is certainly a major change, and is – in essence – a price increase for those who don’t want to watch adverts when they’re binge-watching shows. 

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming.

The Adverts Are Coming

Like Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video service has been known for many years for its premium ad-free experience, boasting an extensive library of TV shows and films, including highly acclaimed originals like Jack Ryan, The Boys, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and many others.

Lord Of The Rings the Rings of Power - Matt Grace Amazon
The Rings of Power (Photo: Amazon / Matt Grace)

However, a few months ago, Amazon announced that adverts would be coming to Prime Video in early 2024 – with those who wish for the service to remain ad-free having to pay an extra fee.

Well, the adverts are almost here, and we now have the final launch date: February 5, 2024.

Amazon’s official communication states that this move will enable the company to continue investing in high-quality content.

For UK viewers, the change means adapting to a new viewing experience, but according to Amazon, the company “aims to have meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers”.

Man watching pop up advert on TV ads

Adverts won’t be included on content that is rented or purchased, but only on TV shows and films that are included as part of the Prime Video subscription. 

In the US, the adverts will be coming to Prime Video one week earlier – on January 29, 2024. Therefore, American customers have already started getting notification e-mails from Amazon.

In the UK, Cord Busters understands the following e-mail will start going out to Prime Video subscribers today:

Dear Prime member,

We are writing to you today about an upcoming change to your Prime Video experience. Starting February 5, Prime Video movies and TV shows will include limited advertisements.

This will allow us to continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment over a long period of time. We aim to have meaningfully fewer ads than ad-supported TV channels and other streaming TV providers.

No action is required from you, and there is no change to the current price of your Prime membership.”

The e-mail also mentions the ad-free option (see below), and goes on to list Amazon Prime’s benefits, also saying that “you can expect additional features and programs added in the future for our Prime members.”

Amazon also notes that customers in the Republic of Ireland, Channel Island, and Isle of Man won’t see ads in their experience at this time.

The Ad-Free Option on Prime Video

With the introduction of adverts to Prime Video in the UK, Amazon is offering an ad-free viewing option at a cost of £2.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video ad-free pre-registration
Prime Video Ad-Free Pre-Registration

This add-on allows users to maintain the original, uninterrupted viewing experience.

UK customers can pre-register for this ad-free service, ensuring a seamless transition when the new model takes effect on February 5.

Billing for this option will also commence from this date, and customers are advised to remember that Live TV, Freevee, and channel subscriptions may continue to have adverts even if you pay for the ad-free experience. 

While Amazon keeps mentioning that “there is no change to the current price of your Prime membership”, the ad-free option comes down to £35/year – on top of Amazon Prime’s £95/year.

So it’s a new total of around £130/year for the same service you’re getting now – Amazon Prime, with an ad-free Prime Video service.

Amazon Prime Video on tablet with popcorn

In the US, the price for the ad-free add-on is $2.99/month – so we’ll be paying a bit more in the UK.

Adverts On Streaming Services Becoming The Norm

The streaming industry is witnessing a significant shift with the introduction of ad-supported models.

Netflix and Disney+, two of the biggest players in the market, have already added adverts to their services.

Disney Plus and Netflix on phone
(Photo: Deposit Photos / Daniel Constante)

Disney+ recently revamped its subscription offerings in the UK, introducing an ad-supported tier called “Standard With Ads,” priced at £4.99/month. 

Netflix has also been proactive in altering its pricing models. The platform initially introduced an ad-supported tier known as ‘Basic with Ads,’ which was later rebranded to ‘Standard with Ads’ and priced at £4.99/month.

Netflix then discontinued its original ‘Basic’ tier, effectively making ‘Standard with Ads’ the lowest-cost option for new subscribers.

Paramount+, another major service, plans to follow suit next year with an ad-supported tier – though details are still scarce.

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10 thoughts on “Ads Coming To Prime Video UK: Date And Pricing Unveiled”

  1. So how’s it going to work, say I opt for the £2.99 no-ads, so my program will finish 5 minutes +/-earlier than the people who decides not to pay and will have ads! So there’ll be a delay before the next program starts.

    • Probably like ITV, etc. where ads are triggered at certain markers in the stream. Doesn’t affect the overall programme length per se, but can add up to 20 minutes (making an hour duration).

    • Most of the content on Prime Video is not live, it’s on-demand, therefore it doesn’t matter who starts when. As for the live content (mostly sports) – you will continue to see adverts on live content, even if you pay the £2.99/month.

  2. Now that Amazon Prime have ditched tennis coverage I shall seriously think of leaving them.
    Where can I find a UK streaming output for worldwide tennis please… and for grand slams too?
    I look forward to your reply.

  3. I’ve just paid my annual fee of £95 for amazon prime because there are no ads
    Now they are saying there will be ads. Very cross as I wouldn’t have subscribed had I known

  4. I think this is a mistep by Amazon, when Netflix and Disney did this they saw it as an opportunity to add more customers by introducing a lower cost tier. With Amazon it’s the same price but with ads. With no lower priced tier they risk loosing customers. I joined Netflix as a new customer totally based on the reduced cost for the ad service. Obviously if it goes up I will reconsider but at the moment I’m happy with the service. I won’t be joining Amazon at that price.


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