7 Freeview Channels Are Closing Down Amid Major Shakeup

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Seven Freeview channels will be going down permanently on June 22, 2020, and 12 other channels will require a retune, due to airwaves being repurposed for mobile data. Among the disappearing channels: 4Seven HD, Channel 4+1 HD and CBS Reality+1.

Established in 2002, Freeview is the United Kingdom’s digital terrestrial television platform. It provides access to free-to-air TV channels and radio stations, including more than 70 standard channels and – until now –  15 HD channels. (See our full Freeview guide here).

This week, Freeview announced that due to a decision by Ofcom to make more bandwidth available for mobile data, the transmitter operator Arqiva has chosen to stop transmitting services on some specific airwaves. These changes will also affect Youview watchers.

This means that several +1 and HD channels will be removed from Freeview (and Youview) on June 22. 

Freeview Play EPG

The +1 channels are sort of old-school “Timeshift” channels – they broadcast programmes from their “main” channels (such as Channel 4, for Channel 4+1), but one hour later.

That way, people who can’t record or watch programmes on-demand, have another chance to watch their favourite programmes.

These types of channels might feel obsolete today – but many people still only watch the live basic channels via their Freeview aerial, so those channels were still helpful for them.

The channels being removed on June 22 are:

  • Channel 4+1 HD (109)
  • 4Seven HD (110)
  • TJC HD (115)
  • 5Star+1 (55)
  • 5USA+1 (56)
  • CBS Reality+1 (67)
  • CBS Justice+1 (69)

Freeview made a point of saying that “Freeview viewers won’t lose access to any specific content”, because they “can continue watching main channels and access HD content via on-demand services such as All4 and My5 via Freeview Play.”

While technically true, some people still don’t have access to Freeview Play (Freeview’s broadband-based on-demand catch-up service, which usually requires special set-top boxes like the Manhattan T3-R), so they will lose some of the flexibility they had, once these particular channels are removed.

Manhattan t3 on tv stand
The Manhattan T3

Freeview Retuning Needed

In addition, on the same date, Freeview watchers will need to retune their TV or Freeview box, in order to continue to watch a large number of existing Freeview channels.

Among the channels affected, are BBC Four HD (106), CBeebies HD (205), QVC HD (111) and several others. 

Retuning (or rescanning) is an easy thing to do, either on your TV or standalone Freeview box – but people who won’t be aware they need to do it will lose access to these channels near the end of the month – until they do the retuning. (You can find instructions on how to retune here). 

The full list of channels which will require a retune:

  • Shopping quarter 74
  • BBC Four HD 106
  • CBeebies HD 205
  • QVC HD 111
  • QVC Beauty 112
  • Quest HD 114
  • FreeSports 64
  • NOW 80’s 83
  • PBS America + 1 93
  • Forces TV 96
  • Together+1 89

And lastly, there will be one more change on June 22 – the CBS Drama channel will be moving from channel 71 to 67.

22 thoughts on “7 Freeview Channels Are Closing Down Amid Major Shakeup”

  1. Watch the plus one channels to catch up so will miss them .
    Cannot get all of the channel’s anyway even after constant. Retuning, so probably watch more on my laptop.

  2. Its not freeview’s fault, its down to the regulator Ofcom selling of the spectrum used for freeview, freeview are making the changes to fit in what they can in the space they have got. Through the licence fee you are only paying for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 (main channels only, plus S4C in Wales) so anything more you get is really a bonus. You can plug your freeview box or smart tv in to your internet to get catch up services like UKTV Play, All4 and iPlayer

  3. its long overdue Ofcom did something sensible & push the DTTV / FreeviewTV service to an all HD/DVB-T2 platform to accommodate capacity, then we can have all the existing channels we have right now. HD PSB [Public Services Broadcasting] channels need to be at top of the channel list. Stop babysitting old non HD devices & shift the SD versions down to the bottom of the channel list. European countries have migrated from SD in the last 5 years. The UK government & powers that be, have dragged their feet.

  4. Leave the programme where they are there too much chopping and changing channels and taking all the good programmes off air I for one would not pay to watch Amazon nesflick or hallmarks why should I when I can get it free. Why should we be told what programme to watch because you decide to change they way we view,Why do I bother paying my tv licence just so you can take the programme away that I like to watch.

    From one angry viewer

    • Please stop changing the channels I no longer have my original remote and the universal remote are of no use in oder to rescan or do these up dates. I have a TV u can no longer access channels.

        • The ones you’re having issues with are probably on different frequencies to those that you’re not having issues with.

          You might need to improve your aerial or boost the signal

        • It could be too much signal, as this will give the same result as not enough. Also, if you are picking up stray signal from other transmitters other than the one you are pointing at. A manual tune for your transmitter may well help. You will need the UHF channel numbers for your transmitterfor a manual tune.

  5. Already can’t watch half the channels on free view now so won’t miss much. My reception is atrocious since the last changes were made in the Cambridge- Bedfordshire area. Some of us can’t afford satellite or cable and rely on free view.

    • We are the same here in Cumbria can only get about 15 channels & some of those are +1
      Can’t get a signal from main transmitter so have to rely on a secondary one with limited channels.

      • The latest LG ones don’t. They just pop up an annoying program map changed message.

        The bandwidth at the useful lower frequencies should belong to the public to be used for HEVC encoded HDTV not sold off By the government to mobile providers who already have access to A lot of higher frequency bands.

        There should have been a roadmap to HD-only formulated years ago with the Freeview logo only being awarded to DVB-T2+HEVC capable devices from 2015 on with a phaseout of DVB-T about now.

    • I have the same problem, l was given a phone number when l phoned freeview and the company that are sending out filters, because you could be in an area of a 4g mast, causing frequency problems.This is the name and number..AT 800, no. 08081313800, they will help. But l have a feeling freeview is on its way out, for the pay channels, and BBC are also changing inside there services…hope it helps, l am waiting for mine, but tell them if you have more than 1 tv.


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