‘The Traitors’ Returns To The BBC With A Fresh Twist

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BBC has confirmed the return of the thrilling psychological reality game show, The Traitors, but this time, with a delightful (and sun-soaked) twist.

The adrenaline-infused drama is heading Down Under, as The Traitors Australia is all set to sizzle your summer screens, coming to BBC Three and iPlayer next month.

Following the unprecedented success of the BAFTA award-winning UK series, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, and the equally captivating US version (hosted by Alan Cumming), the Australian edition will be the third variant of the show to be made available to BBC viewers.

Just like its predecessors, The Traitors Australia is a deliciously dangerous game of lies, deception, and betrayal, promising an addictively fiendish format that’s sure to keep viewers on their toes – with a few changes (see more details below).

The Traitors UK
The Traitors UK (Photo: The BBC)

The Traitors UK – What Was It All About?

The UK version of The Traitors, broadcast on BBC One, emerged as a thrilling reality television series based on the Dutch series De Verraders.

With Claudia Winkleman as the host, the show premiered on November 29, 2022 and soon captured the attention of viewers across the nation.

Echoing the premise of the original, the UK series saw 22 strangers arrive at a castle in the Scottish Highlands. These contestants, referred to as the “Faithfuls”, hoped to share a prize fund worth up to £120,000.

However, among them lurked the “Traitors”, a group chosen by the production, who aimed to eliminate the Faithfuls and claim the prize for themselves​​.

The Traitors UK BBC
The Traitors UK (Photo: The BBC)

The game was a psychological battle of tactics and subterfuge. Each night, the Traitors secretly conspired to “murder” a Faithful contestant, removing them from the game.

The remaining contestants were left to puzzle over the missing member at breakfast, before participating in a mission to win money for the prize fund.

The Traitors US cast
The Traitors US, Hosted by Alan Cumming (Photo: The BBC)

At the end of each day, a Round Table was held where players discussed and voted for a player to be banished. If a Traitor was eliminated, the remaining Traitors had the option to recruit a Faithful to join their ranks, adding a layer of complexity to the game

The Traitors Australia: What You Need To Know

The series, once again, pits the Faithfuls – contestants hopeful of sharing a whopping prize fund of up to A$250,000 (£205,000) – against the Traitors, a group of four contestants selected on the first day by the host, whose goal is to eliminate the Faithfuls and claim the prize for themselves.

The Traitors Australia cast

The game’s twisted dynamics hinge again on tactics, betrayal, suspicion, and manipulation. If the Faithful contestants manage to eliminate all the Traitors, they share the prize fund.

However, should a Traitor make it to the end, they walk away with all the money, leaving the Faithfuls empty-handed.

This year, the drama unfolds at a historic luxury hotel in the scenic Southern Highlands of Australia, a departure from the Scottish Highlands setting of the previous UK and US versions.

The idyllic location, renowned for its beautiful mountains and wine, adds an enchanting backdrop to the intense drama of The Traitors Australia.

But don’t be fooled by the stunning landscapes, as the cast will be faced with challenging tasks, such as swimming across lakes and landing planes safely.

Taking the reins as host for the Australian version is actor Rodger Corser, known for his performances in popular Australian series such as Glitch and Doctor Doctor, and his stage roles in musicals like Rent.

The Traitors Australia host rodger corser

Corser is also currently appearing in the Catherine Tate series, Queen of Oz, which is also available on BBC iPlayer.

The Australian version of The Traitors has already been renewed for a second season, but a date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Where Can I Watch The Traitors Australia?

The Traitors Australia is all set to sizzle your summer screens starting July 9, 2023, at 8pm on BBC Three.

Furthermore, all 12 episodes will simultaneously be available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer at 6 am the same day – so that’s your binge-watch sorted.

One word of warning, though – the show already finished airing in Australia several months ago – therefore, be careful when you’re surfing the internet, or you’ll run into spoilers.

Nasfim Haque, Head of Content at BBC Three, shared the excitement and stated:

The Traitors is an addictively fiendish format, and I am so pleased that viewers can get their summer fix of treachery and suspicion as we head Down Under for the Australian version of the show.”

If you’re a fan of the series and think you have what it takes to either be a Faithful or a Traitor, applications are still open for the second series of the UK version of The Traitors, via this link on the BBC’s website.

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