SoundMAGIC E80D: Wired Earphones Reborn With USB-C

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Just when you thought wired earbuds were out – SoundMAGIC pulls (the wires) back in. In a surprising twist, the company has announced the launch of their latest wired earphones, the E80D today.

And despite earphone wires seemingly being a thing of the past, SoundMAGIC has brought them back with a modern twist – a USB-C connector (instead of the traditional 3.5mm jack plug) that can be connected to any modern smartphone.

The E80D are available starting today (April 16, 2024) for £39.98 ($45.99 in the US).

SoundMAGIC E80D official

SoundMAGIC, founded in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu, has a history of delivering audio products that aim to provide good value for money. 

SoundMAGIC’s product range includes earphones like the E Series, on-ear headphones like the P Series, and high-fidelity headphones like the HP series, catering to various user preferences and needs.

The E80D is based on SoundMAGIC’s flagship wired earphone and has been designed for comfort and portability.

The earphones are compact, lightweight and aim to deliver an engaging audio experience across a wide range of devices, including smartphones, computers, gaming devices, and digital audio players.

The earphones feature redesigned 10mm neodymium magnetic moving coil drivers, which have been tuned to provide a balanced listening experience.

According to SoundMAGIC, the E80D aims to deliver clear and dynamic audio whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or gaming.

Missing The Headphone Jack? You Don’t Need It

While wireless earphones have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience and freedom from tangled cables, there are still instances where wired earphones can be the better choice.

For example, wired earphones don’t require charging, making them ideal for long listening sessions or situations where you don’t have access to a power source.

They also tend to offer better sound quality for the price, as there’s no need for built-in batteries or wireless technology, which can add to the cost – and the weight.

Additionally, wired earphones are less susceptible to interference from other devices and have lower latency, making them a better option for gaming or watching videos where audio synchronization is important. 

However, most modern smartphones no longer have dedicated 3.5mm earphone jacks – which is where the E80D comes in.

Soundmagic E80D BOX official

One of the key features of the E80D is its USB Type-C connector, which differentiates it from traditional earphones.

The built-in DAC chip supports 96KHz/24Bit audio files, allowing for high-resolution playback without the need for extra adapters.

This means that you can easily plug the E80D directly into your Mac, PC, or smartphone, including the latest iPhone models, and enjoy low-latency and distortion-free audio.

SoundMAGIC has also focused on the cable technology used in the E80D. The earphones feature silver-plated copper cables, which aim to reduce signal loss and ensure high-resolution sound levels.

The built-in microphone and three-button controller provide controls for music playback, voice-assistance activation, and taking voice calls on the go.

The SoundMAGIC E80D is now available worldwide from Amazon and selected retailers for £39.98/$45.99. 

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