Roku and Currys Launching Affordable Smart Freeview TVs

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Roku is taking another step in trying to take over the budget-Smart-TV section of the market, with the announcement of a new partnership between Currys-own electronics brand Logik and Roku.

This collaboration introduces a series of Roku-powered Logik TV models, blending Roku’s established streaming platform with Logik’s approach to affordable electronics.

Starting at £149.99, these new offerings aim to make Smart TV features more accessible to a broader audience, without compromising on quality or the variety of streaming content available.

The initiative builds upon Roku’s strategy to embed its operating system in a wider range of televisions, following the footsteps of their previous collaboration on JVC Roku TVs, along with other budget-priced Roku TVs – such as the ones sold in ASDA and Tesco.

Roku what to watch living room official

The Evolution of Roku in the UK

Roku, a pioneer in streaming technology, has been expanding its presence in the UK market with a strategic focus on accessibility and affordability.

The company’s journey began with its user-friendly streaming sticks, which transformed traditional TVs into smart TVs, offering a vast array of streaming services and apps.

Despite facing stiff competition from Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks, Roku carved out a niche for itself with products like the Roku Express, Roku Express 4K, and the Roku Streaming Stick 4K.

Roku Comparison 2022 - boxes hero
Roku Streaming Devices

We regularly praise Roku’s streaming OS for its simplicity, affordability, and comprehensive access to streaming content.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Roku’s streaming sticks have recently become scarce across UK stores, both online and on the high street, leaving fans of the brand puzzled and concerned.

Roku acknowledged the issue, citing shipping delays and promising a resolution soon, but the exact reasons behind the scarcity remain a topic of speculation.

One of the speculations, however, is that Roku is doubling down on Roku TVs in the UK – and today’s announcement continues that trend.

Roku’s Smart TV Expansion

Amidst the streaming stick shortage, Roku has not slowed down its efforts to dominate the UK’s smart TV market – especially the budget-friendly market.

The company has been steadily increasing its range of Roku TV models, partnering with manufacturers to integrate its operating system directly into televisions.

This strategy began with collaborations with brands like Sharp, TCL, and Metz, and its first collaboration with Currys – where JVC Roku TVs launched last year.

Metz Roku TV two sizes

Last year, Roku even started selling Roku TVs in supermarkets, collaborating with ASDA and Tesco.

These partnerships have been pivotal in Roku’s quest to become the “Budget Smart TV King,” offering consumers affordable entry points into the realm of smart TV technology.

Launching Logik Roku TV models at Currys is the latest step in this strategy – and with it, there are now 11 Roku TV brands in the UK.

These new models, ranging from 2K HD to 4K Ultra HD, are designed to deliver premium features and a vast selection of entertainment options at starting prices as low as £149.99.

Roku TV Logik Currys closeup
Roku TV Logik

With HDR-10 and Dolby Vision support in the 4K series, Logik Roku TVs promise superior picture quality (at least, as superior as it gets at this price range), making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers looking to upgrade their TV setup.

Senior Buyer at Currys, Paul Slater, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Roku Operating System within our Logik TVs.

“I’m confident this exciting new partnership will not only complement our existing portfolio but further strengthen our offering of customer-focused smart TVs”.

Freeview Play on Roku TVs

As with Roku’s other TVs, the new Logik Roku TVs will support Freeview (with an aerial), as well as Freeview Play, which combines Freeview’s over-the-air channels with broadband-based apps such as BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, My5 and ITVX – for on-demand content.


However, don’t confuse this with Freely – the upcoming new service that aims to be a full broadband-based replacement for Freeview and Freesat, and is expected to launch later this year.

For now, Freely will only be supported on select next-gen TVs from Hisense and Vestel, so don’t expect to see it on Roku TVs anytime soon.

Also, as is always the case with Roku TVs, the Freeview Play part is not expected to be fully integrated with the rest of the Roku interface – therefore you can’t use voice search to find Freeview shows from the EPG, for example.

Furthermore, the TV has no direct Freeview recording capabilities, as it lacks local storage.

The new Roku Logik TVs will be available on Currys website later this month, in 32″,  40″, 43″ and 50″ sizes.

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