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NOW TV Black Friday 2018 Deals: Save More Than 50%

NOW TV Black Friday 2018 Deals: Save More Than 50%

Black Friday 2018 is upon us, and the brilliant deals for UK TV cord cutters are also here.

NOW TV are already the cheapest and most convenient way to watch Sky TV, with no yearly contracts. While there are still a couple of things we wish they would change – they’re still a wonderful service – read my full review right here.

Now, though, is probably the best time ever to join Now TV, or even get a great deal as an EXISTING customer – as their Black Friday deals are fantastic, with some slashing the monthly price by more than 50%.

Keep in mind, though, you still need a way to watch NOW TV on your telly – so you need to either buy their own NOW TV Stick or Box, or have a compatible device, such as a gaming console, a Chromecast, or some TV models.

This year, NOW TV are also offering combined deals of their new Smart Stick AND TV/Cinema passes.

For Black Friday 2018, NOW TV are offering the following discounts for NEW customers:

(Remember: All offers renew AUTOMATICALLY at their FULL price after the offer period – so don’t forget to cancel if you’re no longer interested)

Entertainment Pass Offers

The “TV Pass” is made up of a changing back-catalogue of over 200 TV Box-Sets, Catch-Up TV with shows from the past 7-30 days like Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead and The Handmaid's Tale, as well as Live channels. Regular Cost: £7.99/m

Sky Cinema Pass Offers

Over 1,200 movies, from new blockbusters to old favourites (as well as some... weird ones.) Regular Cost: £9.99/m

Kids Pass Offers

Box-sets of popular Kids shows, as well as six live channels. Regular Cost: £3.99/m

Sky Sports Pass Offers

10 LIVE Sports channels (no catch-up, unfortunately), from Premier League to Football and even golf. Regular Cost: £33.99/m

Deals For Existing NOW TV Customers

With subscription services, loyal, existing customers are usually left out of the Black Friday party. But NOW TV are offering existing customers:

To see the FULL LIST of NOW TV's Black Friday 2018 offers, Click Here.

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Writer and news editor based in London, I cut the TV cord back in 2014 and never looked back. I watch A LOT of TV, and thankfully I can choose whatever I want to watch without depending on archaic channels.

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