NOW TV Adds Ability To Download Movies And TV Shows To Your Phone

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Following in the footsteps of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Sky’s NOW TV streaming service will now let you download TV shows and movies for offline viewing on your smart phone or tablet – with some restrictions. This is particularly useful when you expect to be without an internet connection – on a flight, for example, or on the tube.

As long as you have an iOS or an Android device, you will now be able to download content from your Entertainment, Cinema or Kids pass – directly to your phone. You will then be able to watch your downloads within 30 days – after which they will be automatically deleted.

Due to rights issues, not all movies and TV shows will be available for download – and determining which do and which don’t involves going to the app and checking, as NOW TV haven’t supplied a full list. Downloaded content will also be available to watch throughout the EU (when you’re travelling), though it isn’t clear at this point what will happen if you travel outside the EU.

Now TV on iphone

Amazon Prime Video has offered downloads for a few years, with Netflix following suit a couple of years ago. NOW TV have announced their intentions to offer downloads back in early 2018 – and we’re finally getting it now.

NOW TV’s downloads have a few additional restrictions: You can only download each movie/show up to two times (so you can’t have more than two family members download the same show, for example), and once you start watching a download, you have 48 hours to complete it – and then it’ll be deleted automatically.

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