Get Fit At Home: MVMNT App Comes To Sky Q And Stream

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If you’ve been eyeing up that fitness app on your neighbour’s Sky Glass TV, but don’t have the latest kit yourself, we’ve got some good news.

Sky’s exclusive fitness app, MVMNT, is breaking free from its Sky Glass + Live Camera cage and sprinting onto Sky Q and Sky Stream devices starting today.

This move means millions more Sky customers can now grunt, sweat, and hopefully not groan too much, all from the comfort of their living rooms.

MVMNT, powered by WithU Global, is expanding its reach beyond the Sky Glass TVs with their Sky Live cameras, bringing its beginner-friendly workouts to a much wider audience.

The app was initially introduced when Sky launched its Sky Live camera, which only works with Sky Glass TVs.

Sky Live Workout
MVMNT With Sky Live

Now, with its launch on Sky Q and Sky Stream (and Sky Glass without Live), additional households will be able to engage with it (and even get a free trial – see below).

However, it’s worth noting that this wider rollout comes with some changes to the app’s functionality.

The version of MVMNT launching on Sky Q and Sky Stream will not include the body tracking features that were a hallmark of its Sky Glass with Sky Live camera integration.

This change was of course necessary to make the app compatible with devices that don’t have camera capabilities.

What’s MVMNT All About?

Despite the absence of body tracking on the new platforms, MVMNT still offers a suite of features designed to support users in their fitness journeys.

The app provides access to hundreds of workouts across various categories, including popular options such as Pilates, strength training, cardio, meditation, and yoga.

MVMNT app sky

One of MVMNT’s key selling points is its focus on beginner-friendly content.

The app offers workouts suitable for all ability levels, with a particular emphasis on supporting those new to fitness or returning after a break. Practice sessions are available to help users master new techniques before diving into full workouts.

Flexibility is another core aspect of the MVMNT experience. Workouts start from just five minutes in length, allowing users to fit exercise into busy schedules.

This approach aligns with modern fitness trends that emphasise consistency and accessibility (and being able to do a quick session before or after work, for example), over lengthy, time-consuming routines.

Another component of MVMNT’s offering is its roster of coaches. The app features guidance from well-known fitness personalities, including TV presenter Faisal Abdalla and celebrity coach Rory Knight.

These coaches provide verbal instruction and motivation throughout the workouts, aiming to create an engaging and supportive experience for users.

While the lack of body tracking on Sky Q and Sky Stream means users won’t receive real-time form feedback, the emphasis on clear instruction and beginner-friendly content is intended to help users maintain proper form and technique.

Mvmnt Launch - Sky Glass, Stream & Q 2

MVMNT Pricing and Availability

Sky is offering new MVMNT users a 45-day free trial, providing full access to the app’s content library.

After the trial period, the service will be available for £7.99/month.

Existing Sky Live customers will continue to have access to MVMNT at no additional cost.

In addition to the TV-based service, MVMNT offers a free mobile companion app. This allows users to browse and schedule workouts, track their progress, and even complete sessions when away from their Sky device.

The expansion of MVMNT to Sky Q and Sky Stream places it in more direct competition with other fitness apps available through Sky’s platforms, most notably Fiit.

Sky Stream with remote closeup
Sky Stream

However, without the unique body tracking features that set it apart on Sky Glass with Sky Live, MVMNT will need to rely on other aspects of its offering to differentiate itself in this somewhat crowded market.

Fiit (join here), which has been available on Sky for a few years, offers a similar range of on-demand workouts and has established a strong presence in the UK home fitness market.

However, unlike MVMNT which is exclusive to Sky devices, Fiit is available on multiple streaming devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV and Samsung smart TVs.

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