BBC iPlayer Bug Disables 4K (UHD) On 50+ TV Sets

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More than 50 TV models in the UK have lost support for the BBC’s 4K (Ultra HD) content this week, due to an ongoing issue, with owners no longer being able to watch 4K shows and films on BBC iPlayer.

The issue affects TVs from several popular brands, such as Toshiba and Panasonic, all manufactured by Turkish electronics giant Vestel (see the full list of affected models below).

Normally, 4K content from the BBC is not available on the BBC’s linear channels (via Freeview or Freesat), but is only available on its streaming service, BBC iPlayer.

However, Ultra HD (4K) / HDR programmes on BBC iPlayer are still few and far between, but the list of available content has been growing, with recent additions such as Doctor Who: The Power of The Doctor, SAS Rogue Heroes and Frozen Planet II.

4K TV comparison

4K (also known as Ultra HD) gives you four times the details over Full HD (1080p), with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, compared to 1,920 x 1,080 on Full HD. 

HDR (“High Dynamic Range”) helps improve the contrast rates, making the picture more accurate. It also provides a larger colour palette and more colour shades.

The BBC has been running a trial of streaming 4K content on iPlayer since 2016, when Planet Earth was streamed in UHD and HDR on supported devices.

Since then, more content has been added, along with a few live 4K broadcasts, such as Wimbledon and FIFA World Cup matches.

Vigil UHD on BBC iPlayer
Vigil UHD

In order to watch BBC iPlayer content in 4K, users need two components: A 4K/HDR TV, and a streaming device that’s been approved by the BBC for Ultra HD on iPlayer – which could also be the TV itself.

BBC iPlayer 4K Error on Smart TVs

This week, the BBC announced that they are “aware of an issue with Ultra HD streams on some Vestel TVs”.

Therefore, UHD support has been removed from the affected devices, while Vestel is working on a fix.

Vestel is an electronics giant from Turkey, and is one of the largest TV producers in Europe. However, most customers won’t know it by its original name – as Vestel sells TVs in the UK under licensed brand names such as Toshiba, Panasonic and Hitachi.

Panasonic TV - deposit
Photo: Deposit Photos

According to the BBC, TVs from the following range are affected: Vestel-tv_2019_mb17x_fvp.

But here’s a more useful list of the 54 affected models – along with the brand names associated with them.

If your TV is on this list, then you won’t be able to watch the BBC’s 4K content on it, via BBC iPlayer, until a fix is issued.

BBC iPlayer loading on TV

Until then, you can either use an external, supported 4K streaming device – such as Amazon’s Fire TV 4K Max, or watch BBC content on iPlayer in HD.


  • 43HAK6150U
  • 55HAK6150U 
  • 50HAK6150U

Toshiba TVs

  • 49UA2063DB 
  • 50UA6B63DB
  • 55UA6B63DB
  • 49UA2B63DB
  • 58QA4C63DB
  • 43UA2063DB
  • 49UA3A63DB
  • 58UA2063DB
  • 43UA2B63DB
  • 55UA2063DB
  • 58UA2B63DB
  • 43UA3A63DB
  • 50UA2063DB 
  • 55UA2B63DB
  • 58UA3A63DB
  • 43UA4B63DB 
  • 50UA2B63DB 
  • 55UA3A63DB
  • 58UA4B63DB
  • 43UA63DB
  • 50UA3A63DB
  • 55UA4B63DB
  • 58UA6B63DB
  • 43UA6B63DB
  • 50UA4B63DB
  • 55UA6B3DB
  • 65UA2063DB
  • 65UA2B63DB
  • 65UA3A63DB
  • 65UA4B63DB
  • 65UA6B63DB

Panasonic TVs

  • TX-43HX700B
  • TX-43HX700BZ
  • TX-43HX710B
  • TX-50HX700B
  • TX-50HX700BZ
  • TX-50HX710B
  • TX-50JX700BZ
  • TX-55HX700B
  • TX-55HX700BZ
  • TX-55HX710B
  • TX-65HX700B
  • TX-65HX700BZ 
  • TX-65HX710B

Linsar TVs

  • 43LED2000
  • 55LED2000

Medion TVs

  • MD31260UK

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