Google Blocks YouTube On Amazon’s Fire TV, Due To Ongoing Feud Between The Two Companies

YouTube on a telly
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Get ready to say goodbye to YouTube on Amazon’s Fire TV devices – unless a new agreement can be reached before January 1, 2018. This week, Google announced they’re going to block access to YouTube on Amazon’s “Echo Show” device (a version of Amazon’s personal assistant that also comes with a screen), AND on the … Read more

Netflix Raise Their Prices In The UK For Some Subscribers

Netflix app on a smartphone screen
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Netflix announced yesterday (October 5) they would be raising their subscription prices in the US. Sharp eyes, however, have noticed the company quietly raised their prices in the UK as well – effective immediately for new subscribers, and at a later date for existing customers. Also See: Our Full Netflix UK Review And Guide Worth … Read more

Amazon Announces New Fire TV With 4K HDR – Should You Get It?

New Amazon Fire TV with HDR
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The Amazon Fire TV has long been my go-to streaming device in the UK (see my full review here), and yesterday Amazon finally announced the 3rd generation: The all-new Fire TV with 4K HDR. While the new device has some impressive new picture quality capabilities, it also has some downsides over the previous Fire TV … Read more

Sky’s NOW TV Entertainment Pass Price Goes Up: Is It Still Worth It?

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Sky’s streaming TV service, NOW TV, have raised their prices starting August 15: The Entertainment Pass, which is the package that includes TV programmes and Sky’s live TV channels, now costs £7.99 per month, instead of £6.99 – an increase of almost 15%. While there are still ways of reducing that cost (by buying several months in advance, for … Read more

“Amazon Channels” Added To Amazon Prime’s TV Streaming Service: Is It Worth The Money?

Amazon Channels
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Many months after it’s debut in the United States, Amazon announced this week that it will be adding “Amazon Channels” to its Amazon Prime video streaming service in the UK (along with Germany and Austria). The service, which is only available to existing (or new) Amazon Prime subscribers, will enable viewers in the United Kingdom … Read more